Predictions: WWE WrestleMania 31


Hmmm…what is there to say about WrestleMania 31?
Poor build, some puzzling matches, and no real excitement for the main event (well, until Brock Lesnar decided to re-sign with the WWE). So let’s go through the main matches…

IC Ladder Match
People are saying that this is going to be the showbuilder. I can’t understand why. Seven wrestlers? One too many, and probably six would be a little too much as well. Why not just 4: Just Barret, Ambrose, Bryan and Ziggler? They could put on a brilliant match. With seven wrestlers, however, there’s be at least five pretending to be dead outside the ring at any one time. It will be a decent spotfest, but nothing more

US Title: Rusev vs John Cena
A rematch, one that Rusev needs to win. I hear that WWE want to elevate the mid-card titles, by putting the IC Title on Bryan and the US Title on Cena. But why? In both cases, it doesn’t matter who holds the title, to a degree. Just make whoever holds the title look like a star!
Why does Wade Barrett lose every match? He should look dominant and win every match!
It’s the same here with Rusev. For most of this feud with Cena, he has been made to look weak. He defeated Cena at Fast Lane in a screwy manner. Have him defeat Cena clean. That is how you make a mid card champion.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins
The build for this match was ruined by the inane reverse swerve turn by Ortom after he returned. Why waste time having him team back with Rollins only to turn on him at a later date? Why didn’t Orton just batter him from the get-go?
However they should construct the match of the night. I’d be surprised if not.

HHH vs Sting
Firstly, why isn’t Sting fighting the Undertaker? That is the dream match the WWE Universe wants. Just listen to the apathetic crowd reaction to the first HHH/Sting confrontation at Fast Lane. Sting vs Undertaker barely needs any build. The match sells itself.
But anyway, the build for this match, even though it stretched back to Survivor Series, has been uneven. Why does Sting want to fight HHH? He has talked about waiting for 14 years to fight HHH, but why? Because HHH shut down WCW (bulls**t!)? I’m sure Sting wasn’t that upset about losing his job at WCW, as he rode out the rest of his contract with Turner doing nothing and earning lots of cash.
I am sure it will be a decent match, and the crowd will get into it. But with a better thought out build, it could have been a blockbuster.
(And Wyatt vs Undertaker is pretty pointless. Whoever wins, it doesn’t matter. If Wyatt wins, so what? Taker got beat last year. If Taker wins, so what? It is only Bray Wyatt.)

The least anticipated main event since…hmmm…well, for a bloody long time! The Mania main event was maimed at Royal Rumble, when Daniel Bryan didn’t win the Rumble. And it was positively murdered at Fast Lane when Bryan lost to Reigns, thus making Reigns the No.1 Contender at Mania. The Bryan storyline for Mania wrote itself: he never lost the WWEtitle, and came back from a career-threatening injury to win the WWE Championship back. But no, Reigns was the chosen one.
So Lesnar vs Reigns is the match we were given. And again, the build up has been terrible. The tug-of-war at the end of Raw last week was the icing on the cake. Do WWE not care about their main event? There were more creative ways to stop Reigns and Lesnar getting physical before ‘Mania. For example, before they come to blows, have all the wrestlers in the back rush out and stop the brawl from happening.
Half-assed does not even begin to describe the build. It says it all when excitement for the match peaked when Lesnar re-signed with WWE last Tuesday. That added the only point of curiosity in the Lesnar/Reigns ‘feud’ (if you can call it a feud).

What are your predictions for WrestleMania 31? 


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