Review: Agents of SHIELD: Season 2, Episode 11: Aftershocks (Earth-shattering?)

agents of shield(SPOILERS AHEAD)

“We lost. We failed.”

So, Agents of SHIELD is back on our screens…the mid-season cliffhanger left us, well, hanging. What had happened to Sky and Raina? What was in the temple? What are Bobbi and Mack hiding? Will Dale Cooper ever find out who murdered Laura Palmer?

Season One wasn’t interesting until the Captain America: Winter Soldier plotline gave Agents of SHIELD a shot in the arm (and then only intermittently interesting). The first half of Season 2 bounced along pretty quickly, and with more entertainment value than the corresponding first half of Season One. Yes, the story plodded at times, the characters are here, there and everywhere, and the plot of the mysterious diagrams that Coulson et al kept drawing was dragged out. However, it piqued my intrigue, more than mostly anything in Season 1.

However, this mid-season premiere suffocated that intrigue. We were introduced to a whole new rack of characters in the first fifteen minutes or so of the episode. Don’t worry; you didn’t need to know their names. The cabal/syndicate controlling Hydra (well, I presume they were) didn’t last until the end of the episode. Our heroic Agents of SHIELD murdered them all in a mission too large for our Agents to carry out. But they did it anyway. Even if we had seen only a few snippets of this cabal before, the mass murder would have had a greater impact. But no, they were introduced and quickly excised from the story.

I have incredible and dangerous powers...but I will keep it to myself
I have incredible and dangerous powers…but I will keep it to myself

“No, that’s Inhuman”

Sky was promptly put into quarantine without anyone (apart from Fitz) wondering how she survived. By the end of the episode, Fitz had found out about her power (which consisting of blowing up light bulbs) but decided to keep it to himself. Simmons has decided that all ‘superhumans’ should be killed. She even suggested killing Raina, who has become a thorn bush after the incident in the temple. Fitz feared that Simmons would want to ‘deal with’ Sky. Okay, so Fitz is willing to endanger all of his friends to protect Sky, who has indescribable powers? Hmmm…

The only thing that really grabbed my attention was the closing minutes of the episode. Bobbi and Mack’s conspiracy heightened, with Mack’s mini model of Coulson’s favourite car scanning Coulson’s office. Let’s hope they don’t drag this plot out too long. And there was also time for a touching reminiscence about Tripp. It brought a smile (and almost a tear) to my eye.

VERDICT: 5/10 Average, average, average…Only saved by the last five minutes.

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