Review: Gotham: Season 1, Episode 18: Everyone Has A Cobblepot (I don’t!)



“I’m like the phoenix…I’ll just rise and rise and rise” 

What’s this? An episode of Gotham that doesn’t focus on too many stories at once? ‘Everyone Has A Cobblepot’ contained two main stories: Gordon’s mission to dig into Commissioner Loeb’s past, Fish’s mission to meet Mr. Thankfully, the focus was more on Gordon’s story, for once! Fish’s story didn’t develop much, but at least it didn’t take up too much screen time. There were two smaller stories involved, that of Bruce and Alfred and Nigma and Kris Kringle. While the latter didn’t achieve anything, the former used the smallest amount of time to progress Bruce’s quest to investigate the Board of Wayne Enterprise. Less is more, as they say…

Whilst seeing Alfred and Bruce in the hospital, Gordon gets a phone call from his chief. At the GCPD, she tells him that Flass has been cleared of all charges, and Commissioner Loeb is championing Flass as the next President of the Police Union. Marching to Commissioner Loeb, Gordon finds out that Bullock gave testimony that enabled Flass to be cleared of all charges. Bullock later tells him that ‘everyone has a Cobblepot.’ He killed someone at the end of the pier, just like Gordon was ordered to do all those episodes ago. Most of the police officers in the GCPD have done the same, so Loeb has something on everyone. It’s Gordon’s mission to uncover Loeb’s secret files…

Harvey Dent makes a comeback after a long absence, and makes a decent contribution to the story. And the foreshadowing of Two Face was not as in-your-face as it was before! After following a few dead ends, Gordon goes (once again) to Oswald for help. Oswald offers his help for a deal; He gets to look at the secret files and Gordon owes him a favour. Hmmm…surely Gordon has wised up to the fact that dealing with Oswald leads to no good? Dealing with Oswald led to someone’s wife being tortured, if I remember correctly. But he didn’t have any other choice, so I can let that one slide. This episode, more than any other, teased out the relationship between the GCPD and the mob. Loeb and Falcone have been working together for many, many years. It was one of the most convincing and well done stories in Gotham’s short history.

Eye eye...
Eye eye…

“When do you stop being you?”

We finally got to meet the famous Mr. Dolmacher in Fish’s story. However, I was underwhelmed by his appearance. Yes, his mind is a little twisted, but it all seemed a little bland and ill-executed. Fish is given an eye to replace the one she teaspooned out last episode, which seemed like a waste of time. Why not have her with an eyepatch?!?!? One special effect in particular, Dolmacher’s stitching of a man’s head to a woman’s body, looked B-movie awful. There was no menace about him at all. He seemed to bend easily to Fish’s wishes. And the people in the dungeon also seemed to bend to Fish’s wishes easily as well, even though she allowed some of them to be donated to Dolmacher for his experiments. All in all, this particular plot thread looks like it isn’t going anywhere. But we will see…

Nigma’s misunderstanding of Kringle continues to reap no rewards. Will his failed attempts to ask her out on a date lead to him becoming The Riddler? I can see no other point to this storyline. Have him helping Gordon, or interacting with the GCPD; in other words, doing his job! Not just simpering after a girl who clearly doesn’t like him at all. At least there were only two or three segments devoted to it. Bruce’s story, however, progressed his story quickly and efficiently. Selina comes to see Alfred in the hospital, and Bruce says that Reggie must have been working for the Board of Wayne Enterprises. And he’s going to find Reggie…Selina offers her help, but Bruce doesn’t accept it. See! Short and to the point. A lot achieved in such a small amount of time.

It wasn’t the best episode of Gotham, but it’s up there in terms of quality. It’s very rare that the main story involving Gordon is given the time it deserves. It moved from Bruce and Alfred in the hospital to Oswald, thus using characters without having them in superfluous scenes. Of course, there were niggles, the chief one being Fish’s story. Where is it going? Nowhere at the moment. But still, the balance of stories seemed almost perfect in this episode.

VERDICT: 8/10. An almost perfect balance of stories made this the most consistent episode of Gotham I have seen. More like this one please!

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