Predictions: WWE Money In The Bank 2015

With Elimination Chamber only a few weeks ago, there has not been sufficient time to properly buold Money In The Bank. One of the most anticipated events in the WWE’s PPV calendar does not feel as exciting as it should. Let’s hope the bi-monthly Special does not become a common feature of the WWE Network. Apart from Owens’ victory, most of Elimination Chamber felt superfluous. However, the MITB match itself, Owens/Cena II and the Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight title should provide ample amounts of entertainment. So let me gaze into my crystal ball for the results of Money In The Bank….

Pre-Show: King Barrett vs R-Truth

WWE have totally wasted the opportunity to capitalise on Barrett’s King of the Ring victory. What was the point? He’s hardly won any matches since winning the crown. Also, why the sudden interest in R-Truth? His place in the Intercontinental Elimination Chamber match should have been reserved for somebody else. Barrett needs to destroy R-Truth. I’m sure Barrett will win, but I have a nagging feeling that creative will have R-Truth win. But only one person should win here: Barrett.


Nikki Bella (c) vs Paige (Diva’s Championship Match)

The flip-flopping of Nikki’s character continues. Is she a face? Is she a heel? Who knows! Either way, she seems to be on course to become the longest reigning Diva’s champion in WWE history. The reason? John Cena? She has improved in the ring since becoming the champion, but still looks like an amatuer compared to the women in NXT. Paige deserves the victory, but I doubt she will halt Nikki’s progress in becoming the longest reigning Diva’s champion.


The New Day (c) vs Prime Time Players (Tag Team Championship Match)

No way will the Prime Time Players win the belts tonight. The New Day are on a roll. Their roll will not be stopped tonight, especially not by the PTP. They are a mediocre tag team at best, held back by Titus O’Neill’s awful ability in-ring. I imagine that The New Day will hold the belts at least until Summerslam.


Ryback (c) vs The Big Show (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Why oh why is The Big Show fighting for the IC title? Why not let Ryback feud with The Miz instead? Ryback has been steadily improving in the last couple of months. The Big Show is not the ideal opponent for Ryback to continue improving his skills. After losing to Ryback, let’s hope Show stays away from the IC title. In fact, let’s hope he stays away from the WWE! He needs his own show on the WWE Network. Show seems like a genuinely funny guy who could carry a half hour programme every week. But he clogs up valuable space in the ring. Just like R-Truth. And Kane. Without a doubt, Ryback will retain the title.


Kevin Owens vs John Cena

I never thought that Owens would beat Cena clean at Elimination Chamber. It was the highlight of the Special. However, I cannot see lightning striking twice. Maybe due to interference (by Samoa Joe?) or maybe clean, Cena will pick up the victory to set up a rubber match. If Owens wins again, I will eat my hat, Lord Ashdown style (did he ever fulfill his promise from election night?).


Neville vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston vs Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton vs Kane (Money in the Bank Ladder Match)

It’s easy to name the wrestlers who have no chance of winning the match. Neville, Ziggler and Kingston are only there to take big bumps and wow the audience with amazing, high-risk moves. Those three can be eliminated. Orton and Sheamus are there to make up the numbers; both are experienced in MITB (Orton especially so), so are there to help the bout flow. Sheamus’ presentation since turning heel has been lacklustre as well. Not a great build to win the MITB! Neither will win the match. One would hope that Kane doesn’t even begin to climb a ladder. I’m bored with Kane’s continued prominence in WWE storylines. However, I have seen a few people theorizing on Twitter that he will win the match, only to cash it in on Rollins. However, he will simply lie down and let Rollins pin him. Please, let this not be the case! Kane needs to stay as far away from possible from the briefcase. And from the TV screen. The only person I can see winning is Reigns. He needs vengeance against Rollins. And what better way than to cash the briefcase in on Rollins? It writes itself!


Seth Rollins (c) vs Dean Ambrose (Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Ambrose is simply chasing Rollins for the title (well, it’s been the other way round, but you know what I mean!) to waste time until Lesnar comes back. It’s unlikely that Ambrose will win the title. We’ll have to wait for either Reigns or Lesnar to take the title off Rollins, even though his championship reign has been mediocre (the proof being his loss to J+J Security!). Ambrose has put in a lot of hard work since feuding with Rollins, but it will all be for nought. Rollins wins, with outside interference. Come on, Rollins can’t get a clean victory!


What do you think? Leave your thoughts below!

Ta new day vs prime time plauers
Owens c

Zigglef neville reigns orton kingston sheamus kane
Rollins ambrose


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