Reaction: SPECTRE Trailer


“You had no authority…none”

After watching the new SPECTRE trailer, I’m seriously thinking about buying an Aston Martin DB10…but apparently, it’s not on the market! Apart from the totally unsubtle (and ultimately pointless, as the car won’t be on sale) advertising for Aston Martin, there was quite a lot to chew on in the trailer for the latest James Bond movie. And things look like they are coming along pretty smoothly!

The ‘Day of the Dead’ scene presumably will open the film, and give us another spectacular opening to a Bond film. The beginning of Casino Royale was perhaps the most entertaining part of the film (free running can never look boring!), and the opening of Skyfall wasn’t far behind. Let’s hope it’s not like the headache inducing and confusing opening of Quantum of Solace! So, it’s established that Bond has undertaken a mission without the permission of Ralph Fiennes M. What kind of mission? Assassination? How will it link into Bond finding out about SPECTRE?

The Spy Who Loved Me?
The Spy Who Loved Me?

Finally, Bond is looking for SPECTRE. It’s uncertain how much time elapsed between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall (maybe the four years between the release of the films? More? Less?), but between QoS and Skyfall Bond went from a recently-inducted 00 agent to a seasoned veteran nearing the end of his career. What about the adventures in between? It’s like the gap between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Batman was only around for six months or so before calling it a day after the events of The Dark Knight. So will we ever see what adventures Bond enjoyed/endured between QoS and Skyfall? Probably not…but why didn’t he start looking for SPECTRE during that time? Did he give up looking after QoS? Skyfall barely had a mention of SPECTRE…so why the sudden rekindling of interest in it for Bond? Maybe we’ll find out…

“I don’t stop to think about it”

We do find out about the villains in SPECTRE…Dave Bautista as Mr Hinx and Christoph Waltz as Oberhauser (or Blofeld?!?!?). Bautista was the biggest surprise of Guardians of the Galaxy in a film full of pleasant surprises; funny and naturally charming, Bautista showed a warmth that was rarely present in his wrestling personality. Will he be able to play a villain, though? Well, from breaking doors to breaking necks, it looks like it! He’s physically imposing enough, and shows a lot of physicality in the trailer. There needs to be a badass villain who can batter Bond, just like Batman needed a Bane. Let’s just hope Bautista doesn’t sound like Tony Benn!

Christoph Waltz never lets us down, whatever role he plays. Skyfall’s Raoul Silva was the best Bond villain for years, but it’s a safe bet that Waltz will either equal or better Javiar Bordem’s performance. But what about his character? Presumably he’s the man behind SPECTRE, but is there more to Oberhauser than meets the eye? And how was he the author of all of Bond’s pain? He’s the BIG BAD behind everything we’ve seen of the rebooted Bond since Casino Royale, so let’s hope the script and motivations match the brilliance of Waltz. He may be the perfect Bond villain, and I’d put Monica Bellucci up there as a dream Bond girl. Unfortunately, her casting in non-French films is usually for her delectable appearance. She had a few good lines in The Matrix sequels, but I remember more of her cleavage than her character. Put Bellucci to good use! She’s a great actress!!!

Overall, the trailer was the epitome of the word ‘trailer.’ It showed just enough to excite and spur on the imagination. It didn’t splurge all of the major action scenes onto the screen, thus depriving us on any thrills and spills at the cinema. Half of it was an advert for the (unavailable to purchase) Aston Martin DB10, but that’s forgivable. Skyfall didn’t set my world on fire, but after the trailer of SPECTRE, I think I’ll be watching the Daniel Craig Bonds from the beginning to prepare me for the spectacle of SPECTRE…!

2 thoughts on “Reaction: SPECTRE Trailer

  1. Kgothatjo Magolego July 28, 2015 / 8:57 am

    You know the major problem I have with Daniel Craig’s Bond movies? They’re no longer standalone movies. If you think of the Bond movies before, the only constant characters were Bond, M, Q and Moneypenny. There were very few times villains were repeated or the events of past movies influenced new ones. So when I watched QoS, i was so confused. I’m used to Bond girls being disposable and not having to remember their names past the closing credits so the fact that the entire movie was based on Bond’s search for revenge completely threw me.

    But anyway, I’m really excited for Spectre. I thought Skyfall was absolutely amazing because it showed a broken, almost mortal Bond and it introduced a host of familiar characters. Something tells me Dave Bautista is going to be the standout character in this movie. I love him on Raw, I loved him on Smackdown, thought he stole the show in Guardians so can’t wait to see him as the muscle in a Bond movie.


    • Hammy Reviews July 28, 2015 / 9:37 am

      Well, I’m not a fan of the pre-Craig Bond films! Barring Goldeneye, but that’s only because I played the N64 game to death. I think films nowadays have to leave plenty of plot strands left unfinished. People expect films to adhere to the quality and storytelling of TV shows, so are prepared to watch every film in a particular franchise to catch up!
      Excited about SPECTRE as well! The Bond films need a muscle man, a man that can easily batter Bond!

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