Predictions: WWE Hell In A Cell (25.10.15)

hell in a cellMy main prediction for this PPV/Special is…banality!!! The build for WrestleMania was mediocre, but the build-up for Hell In A Cell has been awful, without exception. I’d blame the WWE Network partly for the poor build. Think about it: if you’re a subscriber, WWE already has your money. They don’t need to sell you the Special! However, most of the blame must be placed on the creative team. Even simple storylines seem to be muddled beyond comprehension. However, I’ll still give you my predictions for WWE’s Hell In A Cell…(and by the way, I don’t count the Pre-Show match at all. If it was important enough it would be on the Special! What a waste of Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville…)

Charlotte (c) vs Nikki Bella (Diva’s Championship Match)

Where’s Paige? After having her turn heel after a pretty good fake-shoot, she’s been pushed to the wayside. She should have been involved in this match in some capacity. For a real Diva’s Revolution, have Nikki Bella take time off with John Cena, get Brie Bella out of the picture and push Paige, Becky Lynch and other Divas. And stop having endless tag team matches!!! Charlotte is winning this match without a doubt. If she doesn’t, then the Diva’s Revolution is truly dead. I said that when they fought at Night Of Champions, and I stick to it! Dethrone Charlotte at this early juncture and the WWE lose everything they’ve built in the Diva’s division.


Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt (Hell In A Cell)

How long has this feud been going on for? And what are they fighting about? Why did Wyatt stop Reigns from winning the Money In The Bank Ladder match? Why is creative having Reigns speak for long periods of time? It only reveals his weaknesses in the speaking area. Regardless, their feud will end in Hell in a Cell. Hey, at least the match will be the end of a feud like it’s supposed to be! Reigns will win. He needs the win. He lost in their first match at SummerSlam and needs a fairly big victory. A victory over Wyatt is nothing special, after Wyatt was fed to Cena last year and ‘Taker at WrestleMania. But it’s a victory after a lengthy feud nonetheless.


The New Day (c) vs The Dudley Boyz

I hope WWE aren’t thinking of giving the Dudleys the belts at Hell In A Cell. The New Day are often the shining light of WWE Raw, and have dragged a worthless gimmick to comedy gold. I’m sure that sooner or later the Dudleys will be given the belts, but Hell In A Cell is not the night to do that. And let’s be honest, the nostalgia high of the Dudleys has been exhausted. Those of you who saw Bubba as a heel in TNA know he has big main event potential…but WWE won’t let him try that out. A shame, really!


John Cena (c) vs ???? (US Championship Open Challenge)

Who’s going to defeat John Cena for the US Championship? After all of the hype surrounding Cena’s coming hiatus post-Hell In A Cell, everyone is convinced that he will lose the belt in the Open Challenge. But what if it’s all a swerve? We’ve heard of Cena taking a break a million times; he even announced he would be taking time off after Extreme Rules 2012, but that never materialised! However, I’ll go with the flow and say that he’s dropping the belt tonight. But to whom? A member of The New Day would be an interesting turn of events. They’d be the power team of the WWE. However, that’s almost too logical for the WWE. There’s been rumours of Daniel Bryan returning to answer the challenge, which would be awesome. But what if someone like The Big Show answers the challenge? I think then my relationship with WWE would be over! But I’ll hold out hope and say Bryan is returning! Although it could be the newly promoted Tyler Breeze…or even Kevin Owens? Or Seth Rollins…but no: I’ll stick with Daniel Bryan!



Seth Rollins (c) vs Kane (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Why oh why is Kane fighting for a World title in 2015? I abhorred his main event interferences in mid-2015, and now he’s fighting in a semi-main event? WWE should have given us this match back then, but the wait has been too long. Even less people care about Kane than they did when he interfered in every other main event to save Rollins’ title. The build, including dragging Rollins ‘to hell,’ has been banal beyond belief. What audience would buy that in 2015? Kane is not coming out of Hell In A Cell with the title. No way in hell! What would it achieve? Rollins’ lengthy title run needs to be ending by a worthy contender (and I don’t mean Sheamus cashing in his MITB contract!). Kane needs to retire after this match. He can’t do anymore in the ring at this point in his career. And poor Rollins, losing out to the main event position for a second time due to another rematch between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker!


Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker (Hell In A Cell)

These two already have a brilliant and brutal Hell In A Cell match under their belts, about thirteen years ago at No Mercy 2002. This match will not match that in terms of brutality. In the PG Era, it can’t. Lesnar and Taker dramatically improved on their Mania XXX bore at Summerslam, but I reckon the Hell In A Cell will compromise, not complement, their ability tonight. Taker’s on his last legs (in the ring, I mean, not in life!), and another match with Lesnar could literally end his career. But at least their feud will come to an end tonight. The build for this match has been half-hearted at best. There’s barely been any of it, to be fair! WWE have tried to present ‘Taker as the hero, even though he’s been booed almost as much as he’s been cheered. The crowd love the destroyer, Brock Lesnar. Why is the WWE always trying to force on us something we don’t want? Anyway, I reckon the win here will go to Lesnar. It’s a tough one to predict, but Lesnar needs to decisively beat Taker in their rubber match. He can then return to the title picture…


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