Review and Results: WWE NXT Episode 303 21.10.2015


Asuka vs Billie Kay

Asuka impressed again after a fairly easy victory over Billie Kay. Billie Kay is good enough, but she was overshadowed by Asuka. Everything Asuak she does is so crisp and perfect; and her smile is make the toughest man turn and run a mile! She didn’t show us anything different offence-wise here, but when her offence is that good, what more can she show us? Of course, she has a lot more to show us, but for now she’s easing us into her particular set of skills.

WINNER: Asuka 

VERDICT: 6/10. A squash match, but both Kay and Asuka are talented enough to make it entertaining!

PROMO: Tyler Breeze called out Samoa Joe. For some reason, if he can’t be Number 1 Contender, then Samoa Joe can’t…regardless of logic, will this be another feud Breeze loses?!?!?

Amore and Cassady vs Dash and Dawson

I know it’s Dash and Wilder, but I prefer to call them Dash and Dawson! Sounds like a much better tag team name. Anyway, this sub-five minute match was a waste of time. Dash and Dawson assault the knee of Amore only to lose to a roll-up. They batter Amore and Big Cass after the match. They wanted to show the Vaudevillains they could be Number 1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles…but they lost? Even though they battered Amore and Cass, why the loss?

WINNERS: Amore and Cassady

 VERDICT: 2/10. Offensively short and meaningless.

SEGMENT: Eva Marie is still in Paris! Let’s hope she has a bloody meeting with the guillotine. All this just to remind us that she exists? We don’t need reminding…

Danny Birch vs James Storm

What a surprise! TNA wrestler James Storm makes his NXT debut! The announcers even exclaimed that they “can’t get over we’re saying his name!” They allowed Storm to keep his name, but made Uhaa Nation change his name to Apollo Crews? It was good to see Storm in NXT, even if he didn’t blow the roof off. He looked good, but not brilliant. Danny Birch is NXT’s Brooklyn Brawler, but he can put on a good match. Storm’s finisher, the ‘8 Second Ride,’ always looks good. We’ve only seen a modicum of what Storm can do…bring on his next match!

WINNER: James Storm

 VERDICT: 5/10. Average squash match that was enlightened by the mere appearance of a TNA wrestler!

SEGMENT: The first part of an in-depth look at Apollo Crews was interesting, if not enthralling. We go back to his childhood in Africa, and a touching recollection about asking his mother for a toy WWF belt! Crews’ tears were testament to his love of his mother. Of course, watching the WWF enticed him into pursuing wrestling as a career. It’s something we’ve heard before, even in the Finn Balor In-Depth Look before his match in Tokyo against Kevin Owens. I just want someone to say they were inspired by WCW!

Alexa Bliss vs Peyton Royce

Bliss and Royce showed some nice reversals in a match that displayed the best of both women. Royce, although jobber material, can go in the ring. Bliss can have her moments as well, and this was one of them. She was aggressive and smooth. The two assembled a good match that was probably the best match of the night. That’s not saying much, as the night was mostly full of squash matches. This was a squash match as well, but one as well-executed as Asuka and Kay!

Post-match, Bliss says that she is “what everybody strives to be.” She puts Bayley on notice for the NXT Women’s Championship…

WINNER: Alexa Bliss

 VERDICT: 6/10. A decent match that needed a little bit more time to develop into something good.

The best piece of Bliss' offence!
The best piece of Bliss’ offence!

Baron Corbin vs Rhyno

Well, this was one of the dullest NXT main events I’ve seen for a while. Rhyno tried his best, but Corbin dragged the entire match down. It was a simple kick/punch bore, with a few big moves thrown in towards the end. Corbin even kicked out of the Gore, but it didn’t elevate the match at all. There’s not much else to say about the bout, to be honest! Deathly dull…

WINNER: Baron Corbin

 VERDICT: 3/10. An absolute bore of a match. Corbin has looked okay since his match against Joe, but this was a return to the Corbin of old.

PROMO: Samoa Joe threatens to smash Breeze’s face in, essentially! Joe needs to speak more often: he’s engaging and convincing on the mike. He can really sell a feud.

OVERALL VERDICT: 5/10. An sub-par night of squash matches and few storyline developments. Asuka impressed yet again, James Storm debuted, but the terrible main event brought down everything else.

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