Review and Results: WWE NXT Episode 307 (18.11.2015)


Carmella vs Nia Jax

Another NXT, another Nia Jax squash match. Carmella put up more resistance to Jax than any of the latter’s previous opponents, but it wasn’t enough. Apart from a slow Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, Jax did nothing different. Same old story. I’m eager for he to face a decent opponent…but it will be a struggle for whomever that opponent will be. Jax is still learning.

WINNER: Nia Jax 

VERDICT: 3/10. A squash match made slightly entertaining with the inclusion of Carmella. But still nothing new!

SEGMENT: Alexa Bliss lights up NXT with a promo about her match with Bayley later on in the night. Bliss is a wrestler than owns her role on the mike. She mentions that the other Four Horsewomen left Bayley. Zing! However, she’s told that Blake and Murphy (who were doing sign language behind Bliss) are banned from ringside.

The Ascension vs Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

Another good tag team match, courtesy from Jordan and Gable! Great tag team work from both teams was on show here. Gable and Jordan gave us a smooth double Northern Lights Suplex at the beginning. The Ascension responded with a fluid tag team sequence involving slinghot into a running spinebuster and a fist drop. I missed The Ascension during their NXT run, and their WWE run has flopped thus far. Here, however, they looked like a good tag team. Gable and Jordan look better every time I see them! Towards the end of the match, Gable even launched himself off the apron onto Connor in a cannonball-style move! The measuring stick in terms of matches for Gable and Jordan is their thriller against Baron Corbin and Rhyno. Whilst this match didn’t reach that level, it was a thoroughly entertaining match!

WINNERS: Jordan and Gable 

VERDICT: 7/10. A fun, enjoyable match from two very good tag teams! Probably match of the night.

SEGMENT: Bayley’s promo is less interesting than Bliss’, but she still sells the match. She warns Bliss that Bliss will learn her lesson the hard way…

Emma vs Mary Kate

Emma completely dominates Mary Kate before stomping on her head and locking in a submission to end the match. Emma sends a message to Asuka, and looks impressive in her assault on Mary Kate. However, it was just a squash match. Nothing more to it!


VERDICT: 3/10. A simple squash match! 

SEGMENT: Baron Corbin says that he doesn’t like Apollo Crews. They will meet in the ring at NXT Takeover: London. Corbin emotes as little as he usually does…at least sound interested, Corbin!

Dash and Dawson vs Corey Hollis and John Skylar

Yet another squash match! Dash and Dawson work on Hollis’ knee until he manages to get the ‘hot tag.’ However, Skylar runs into Dash and Dawson’s Shatter Machine. Game over! Yes, they are a ruthless tag team. But did we really need to see Dash and Dawson work over someone’s knee for a squash match? Pointless.

WINNERS: Dash and Dawson 

VERDICT: 3/10. Yes. Another squash match! Boring!

SEGMENT: Whilst being interviewed, Asuka is interrupted by Dana Brooke. Brooke challenges Asuka to a rematch. Asuka accepts and walks away. Emma appears and the two women refer a secret plan they have in place…will they attack Asuka before the rematch?!?!?

SEGMENT: Samoa Joe stands outside someone’s house, as William Regal has banned him from NXT due to fear that Finn Balor will attack him. Joe thinks that the ban is more for Balor’s protection than his own. There will be a contract signing next week between Balor and Joe…ANOTHER CONTRACT SIGNING? Can’t we have something more creative than a contract signing! This must be at least the tenth one in NXT this year!

Bayley (c) vs Alexa Bliss (NXT Women’s Championship)

Bayley takes on her first real opponent since Sasha Banks. And has pretty much an identical match to those two clashes against Banks! Bliss works on Bayley’s arm/hand to build up Bayley’s comebacks. It’s something we’ve seen before, but it didn’t hurt the match that much. This was probably Bliss’ best NXT match to date. There were a few hiccups here and there, but it mostly ran smoothly. It wasn’t anywhere near the quality of the Bayley/Banks matches, but what is/will be?!??! There was plenty to like about the match, apart from the sudden and jarring ending. There was no build to it, just Bayley slapping Bliss and hitting the Bayley-to-Belly for the victory! However, it’s always good to see the women main event an NXT!

WINNER: Bayley

VERDICT: 6/10. The match had a similar story to the Bayley/Banks matches, that of working on Bayley’s arm. It didn’t reach those heights, but was a good enough match in its own right. Nothing mind-blowing, however.

POST-MATCH: Eva Marie comes out to a merciless booing from the crowd. Seriously, they never let up. And boy, does Eva Marie deserve it! She’s as bad on the mike as she is in the ring. Somehow, she has wound up with a Women’s Title match on the next episode of NXT. It will be Bayley’s biggest challenge yet. If she drags a decent match out of Marie, I will be amazed! If Eva Marie wins, I will cancel my WWE Network subscription. She needs to stay as far away from the Women’s Title as possible!

OVERALL VERDICT: 6/10. A night full of squash matches, but the tag team match involving The Ascension against Jordan and Gable and the main event made it worthwhile. And, as for the Diva’s Revolution: the women had more matches than the men! The build to the main event was sound, and other ongoing storylines were not forgotten! On the real negative side, Eva Marie has a shot at the Women’s Title…words fail me! At least the crowd gave her a roasting!

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