Review and Results: WWE NXT Episode 320 (10.2.2016)

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Baron Corbin vs Johnny Gargano

A decent squash match involving Baron Corbin? Yes! The more Corbin sells, the more enjoyable his matches become. I thought Gargano would be on the defence, but it was more of an even match than I anticipated. Of course, the outcome was obvious, but Gargano made me doubt myself, especially after the Super Kick that sent Corbin into a daze. Surely this match was Corbin’s best selling to date? Unfortunately, shortly after that, Gargano ran into the End of Days for Corbin’s victory. But even so, it was short and sweet!

WINNER: Baron Corbin

VERDICT: 6/10. An enjoyable squash match, thanks to Gargano’s innovative offence and Corbin’s selling!

INTERVIEW: Sami Zayn says that when he and Samoa Joe go face to face, it will be the first time they’ve fought in singles matches. Did he mean just on NXT, or in general? Either way, I’m excited for their clash!

The Hype Bros vs Corey Hollis and John Skyler

What a pointless match. It served only to give The Hype Bros a victory after their loss to The Vaudevillains. Hollis and Skyler had a modicum of offence, but everything was rushed in this sub-five minute match. The Hype Bros pick up the easy victory. Why didn’t they just have a rematch against The Vaudevillains?

WINNERS: The Hype Bros

VERDICT: 3/10. What was the point? A puny squash match.

INTERVIEW: Bayley and Carmella talk about their upcoming title match. Carmella is interrupted towards the end when Bayley says “may the best woman win.” Well, we all know who the better woman out of the two is…Bayley!

Alexa Bliss vs Cameron

This match was truly Botchamania-worthy. In the first couple of minutes, there were three visible botches. Cameron misses a strike to the throat, but Bliss sold it. Cameron missed her split kick move, but Bliss sold it. Then Bliss attempted to drop Cameron on the ropes, but the ref pulled Cameron away, so her forehead hit the rope instead. They recovered some momentum after that, but Bliss even appeared to miss her moonsault double knee drop. Thankfully, Bliss brought the circus to a close with the Sparkle Splash. She seemed honestly enraged after the finish. What a disastrous match!

WINNER: Alexa Bliss

VERDICT: 2/10. A true mess of a match. Botch after botch was mixed with a match lacking any structure or story.

INTERVIEW: American Alpha interrupted Amore and Cassady in a very humorous segment. Gable has it in the ring, and is close to getting it on the mike. His “I’m layered…I really deep” had me in stitches! Gable completely overshadowed the talkers Amore and Cassady…

Elias Samson vs Jesse Sorenson

Elias Samson continued to fail in his new gimmick with a sleep-inducing match. It was botch-free, but managed to be less watchable than Bliss vs Cameron. At least their botches made it slightly interesting; all Samson did was punch and kick Sorenson until hitting his terrible neckbreaker finish. The highlight of the match was the crowd chanting “Drift Away!” I’m sure he will if things don’t improve in the ring!

WINNER: Elias Samson

VERDICT: 2/10. I almost drifted away to sleep during this match.

INTERVIEW: Apollo Crews said that the next time we see him in the ring, he will be a new Apollo Crews. Will he turn heel, after failing to pin Balor last episode? My favourite Crews scene to date was his aggressive assault on Corbin last year. We need to see more of that! Face Crews is dull.

Bayley (c) vs Carmella (NXT Women’s Championship)

Did Carmella deserve a shot at the Championship? No; she was on a losing streak last year, has shown little improvement in the ring since I started watching NXT, and won a Battle Royale by fluke to earn the shot. However, Eva Marie didn’t deserve a shot either. And to pass the time before the inevitable Bayley vs Asuka clash, I guess the bookers picked Carmella to face Bayley because of their “friendship.” As an aside, is Bayley legitimately injured? When she tagged with Carmella, she seems to be favouring her ribs for no reason, and the same was here as well. It may explain this average match. Bayley managed to carry Nia Jax to a compelling match, but this match failed to arouse much excitement. There was nothing wrong with it. It was just a straightforward match, that didn’t have much in the way of story or psychology. Carmella roused the crowd with two suicide dives, but those were the only things that stood out. The ending, which included a number of pins, was simple and uninspiring. Bayley is capable of so much more!

WINNER: Bayley

VERDICT: 5/10. Simply average from start to finish. Bayley seemed unable to carry Carmella, and Carmella definitely needed carrying. Bayley’ least interesting title defence so far.

POST-MATCH: Nia Jax and Eva Marie attacked Carmella on the ramp. Bayley tried to make the save, but was thrown away by Jax. They took Carmella to the ring, where Asuka made the save! Jax and Marie left without any physical confrontation with Asuka. Bayley and Asuka had a staredown, where Asuka brushed the title off and smiled…Bayley vs Asuka…oh hellyeah!

OVERALL VERDICT: 4/10. Apart from the opener, no other match was worth watching. Well, maybe the botch-ful match between Bliss and Cameron, but only for reasons of amusement. Even the main event fell flat. However, the post-match segment teased what we all want…Bayley vs Asuka!!!

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