Review: WWE Network’s Best 100 Matches: #57 – The Steiner Brothers vs. Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Tag Team Titles, WCW Superbrawl I)


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Lex Luger in the Best 100…List for the third time? Maybe I’ve been wrong about his wrestling prowess all these years! True, he has only one appearance in the Best 100…List in a singles match. That was against Ric Flair, who could carry my grandma to a decent match. But have I been deceived about Luger? Have I just watched the wrong Luger matches? No, I haven’t. This match would easily be a 9/10 if not for Lex Luger. He looks scared and very green. He repeats the same moves over and over again. However, Sting and the Steiner Brothers minimise his awfulness and put on one of the all-time great tag team matches!

In the Best 100…List so far, we’ve had tag team matches that are little more than glorified brawls. This tag team match relies less on brawling on more on wrestling moves. When the match involves the Steiner Brothers and Lex Luger, those moves are usually power moves! When Lex Luger isn’t in the ring, there’s plenty of move variety on display. There’s a small preamble of a lock-up between Luger and Ric after the match begins, but from that point on the match is simply wall to wall action! There are variations of powerbombs, powerslams, suplexes, press slams…If it’s a wrestling move, it’s probably in this match!

Hey Ric, what should I do now?
Hey Ric, what should I do now?

Not only that, but the pace never lets up. Having a fast-paced brawl is difficult, but having a faced paced match involving power moves is even harder (I assume…I’ve never actually been in the ring!)! To be fair on Luger, he does pull his weight, although looks overwhelmed by the talent he’s surrounded by. Sting was just on the rise, and wrestles like he’s a man possessed. His over the top tope is perhaps the highlight of the match. But I’m sure you could point at any sequence of the match and call that a highlight!

Unfortunately, Luger isn’t the only flaw of the match. The ending, involving Nikita Koloff, sucks the energy out of the match. His interference leads to Sting being pinned, in a mockery of all of the hard work put into the previous fifteen minutes. It feels cut short. Given five minutes more, and minus the interference (and Luger?!?!?), this could have been a stone-cold classic. As it is, this Superbrawl match is a very good clash undermined by a few factors.

VERDICT: 8/10. A wrestling match that is packed bell-to-bell with a huge variety of moves and energy! Lex Luger and a screw-job finish let things down, however.

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