Review: WWE Network’s 100 Best Matches: #54 Mick Foley vs. Edge (Hardcore Match, WWE Wrestlemania 22)

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Is this the WrestleMania moment that Mick Foley always wanted? In the run up to his match with Edge, one of the key storyline features was that Foley had not acquired a ‘Mania moment. It’s true, of course. Most of Foley’s ‘Mania matches are mediocre, and that was before he retired! Post-retirement, and carrying a lot of excess weight, could Foley do what he couldn’t before? The answer is: yes! It’s by far Foley’s best ‘Mania match, but it isn’t Edge’s best Mania match (not even his best singles match: that award surely goes to his main event against The Undertaker at ‘Mania XXIV?). It’s a garbage match, but a refined one. Plus, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see anything like that again at WrestleMania.

Essentially, it’s Mick Foley’s greatest hits, bar any ludicrous falls from great heights. Foley does a neckbreaker on the outside, Edge snaps Foley’s body back onto the steel ramp. The barbed wire baseball bat makes a comeback, as do a bag of thumbtacks. Like Randy Orton before him, Edge is dumped on said thumbtacks (a rite of passage for any wrestler who wanted to beat post-retirement Foley). Foley takes an Irish whip into the stairs knee-first. Even Mr. Socko makes an appearance, modified with a strand of barbed wire. It’s nothing too different from what you’d expect from a Foley Hardcore match. The only main difference is Foley’s slowness (due to his body mass). He has a few flurries, but mostly he looks exhausted. Why didn’t he train/lose weight if he knew he was going to wrestle?

Barbie makes a guest appearance!

Of course, the weapons, blood, thumbtacks, and a flaming table are more than enough to distract you from Foley’s shortcomings in the ring. And, to be fair, he puts a hell of an effort in to it. He even manages to execute the classic Cactus clothesline over the top rope, with Lita his back! What a great-looking spot (and Lita falls hard on her backside. Must have hurt!). However, the spot that we’ll all remember after watching the match is the last one: Edge spears Foley through a burning table. Now that is a WrestleMania moment! It’s a gutsy move from both wrestlers, as they both fall into the flames. The image of a shaken Edge, stumbling up the ramp with blood in his eye, stayed with me for a long time after I first watched the match.

Mick Foley vs Edge isn’t one of the great ‘Mania matches. Foley uses the template of his usual Hardcore match with only a few variations within in. Edge just goes along for the ride. It may be Foley’s best ‘Mania match, but that isn’t saying much. For a straight wrestling match involving Edge at ‘Mania that deserves to be on this list, watch his match against The Undertaker at ‘Mania XXIV. However, it’s still a bloody good match! Foley does get his ‘Mania moment in a high spot that will never lose its power. You won’t likely see a match like this at ‘Mania for a long time, and even then it was shocking to see a glorified garbage match at the ‘Showcase of the Immortals.’

VERDICT: 7/10. A match made by the final high spot, Foley vs Edge maybe be a glorified garbage match, but it’s put together with finesse and care. There may be better ‘Mania matches to replace it in the list, but that high spot deserves to be seen!

Does this match belong in the WWE Network’s 100 Best Matches To See Before You Die? Leave your comments below!

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