Travel Pictures: Vienna

Vienna in the snow! Yes, it actually snowed for us!

Yes, I have been absent for over a week. But that isn’t due to laziness! Well, some of it was due to laziness…but in my defence, I bought a Wii U and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And last week I had a vacation with my fiancee to Dubrovnik. It’s a beautiful city that we chose after debating between Vienna, Prague and Berlin (I went to Prague for a Stag Do earlier on in the year, and have already been to Berlin). Here are a selection of pictures from my holiday (only the chosen few, because I took around 9GB worth of pictures!

Nothing particularly interesting, but love Metropolis and this was on the wall at Frank’s Restaurant, the first place we went to for dinner!

Schönbrunn Palace was a former palace for the Austrian royalty. And boy, is it grand! You should see it on the inside…although you weren’t allowed to take pictures. I hate it when that happens!This is the Gloriette, a structure designed to be a symbol of Hasburg power. It’s been destroyed and rebuilt twice, aparrently! There is an observation deck on top, but it’s closed in the winter. However, there’s a quaint little cafe inside!

The grounds of Schönbrunn Palace also house a zoo, which contains both a polar bear and a giant panda, neither of which I had seen in real life!

Of course, it would be rude to visit a Germanic country and not go to the Christmas markets! They make the ones in Manchester look like the one in Warrington i.e. pathetic!

The Belvedere Palace is actually two palaces built as a summer residence for Prince Eugeny of Savoy! Not bad for some, is it? It houses a museum in the Lower Palace that contains….Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss! Among other less famous pictures…

This following picture was part of an exhibition called Aging Pride, about how old age is perceived in this day and age. I think it was called Love, the Sister of Death by Rudolf Valdec.

The Danube Tower and a great view of outer Vienna (not so much central Vienna), but it was a snowy day and the scenery looked good enough to eat! We also had lunch in the revolving cafe, which turns one revolution in 26 minutes! Don’t drink too much alcohol whilst spinning around…

And here’s the Karlskirche, a grand church in the area of Karlsplatz. There’s a lift to the dome, where you can inspect the beautiful muriel up close and personal!

And those are but a few of the pictures I took in Vienna! Here’s a selfie to end this post:

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7 thoughts on “Travel Pictures: Vienna

  1. Zac December 5, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    Vienna looks beautiful! Even in the snow ⛄️ ❄️ perhaps especially in the snow 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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