Travel Pictures: Budapest

It’s a man on a bridge! Well, it’s actually a statue of former Hungarian Primer Minister Imre Nagry…

Yes, I have been lazy lately. I have a few reviews brewing (one for Skyscraper, the other for Mission Impossible: Fallout), but it’s just a matter of writing them, isn’t it? But I did spend five days in Budapest with my fiancee, so here’s a quick and easy picture blog showing our days in Budapest!

The exquisite Hungarian Houses of Parliament
Was this the inspiration for the 2012 Olympics logo?
Gellert Hill! A view from a midday cruise
Liberty Statue (not the Statue of Liberty, don’t get confused!) An inscription on it translates as “To the memory of those all who sacrificed their lives for the independence, freedom, and prosperity of Hungary”
Heroes Square! Unfortunately, this was the only dull day of the holiday.
This is a Monument to the Red Army, located in Liberty Square, which also houses…
A Memorial for Victims of German Occupation.
Here’s a statue of Ronald Reagan! He’s facing the Monument to the Red Army…and also the US Embassy
A view from our evening dinner cruise!

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