Quick Review : Enter The Dragon (1973)

Can any of Bruce Lee’s films be considered great? Although I’m a big Bruce Lee fan, I’d say no. They are carried by the fight scenes alone. ‘Enter The Dragon’ is no exception, but at least it’s a decent film outside of the fight scenes. The increase in production values helps as well. This was Lee’s first (and last) major role in a Hollywood film. The plot is a B-level Bond story, but involving a Shaolin Monk (Lee, as, well Lee!) instead of James Bond and a martial arts tournament. It moves along at a swift pace, and has a toe-tapping soundtrack. Of course, whenever Lee’s fists and feet start flying, the excitement reaches heavenly levels. The film starts with a taster: Lee v a young Sammo Hung (and also an insight into Lee’s philosophy: “Don’t think, FEEL!”). But the most ferocious and entertaining fight scene in Lee vs goons in the cave, where he utilizes nunchuks and a bo as well as his limbs to fend of a horde of attackers.

enter the dragon too busy
(About death) When it comes…I’ll be too busy lookin good!

The film may well be remembered for the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ fight scene that concludes the film, but apart from looking fantastic, it’s a subdued affair (due to the big bad guy being Shih Ken, around 60 years old at the time). Still, Lee’s finest film, one that you can watch the whole way through without wanting to skip to the fight scenes!

Hammy’s Rating: 4/5

MEMORABLE SCENE: Hall of Mirrors!

MEMORABLE QUOTE: “Boards don’t hit back!”

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  1. Thomasena Farrar March 30, 2020 / 11:12 pm

    Hello Hammy! Any chance you were inspired by the MMT Quick Review for new category?


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