Quick Review : Baby Driver (2017)

This is an exemplary case of style of substance. Edgar Wright manages to blend sound effects and soundtrack to a degree almost extraordinary in its accomplishments. On a technical level, it’s a marvel. To look at and hear, Baby Driver is astonishing. But, but it fails on the levels of story and character. The main character, Baby, is just as quiet as the Driver out of Dive, but he’s simply forgettable. Everybody else is merely there; chess pieces in Wright’s marvel without personality.

baby driver baby
This car has more personality than Baby

Next: the story is something we’ve all seen before, and there’s nothing new or unique to alter our perceptions. I never thought I’d say this about an Edgar Wright film, but more than a few times, I was bored. Also, like many films of its kind, it run out of steam before the third act. Not a bad film by any means, just style over substance and everything else.

Hammy’s Rating: 3/5

Memorable Scene


Memorable Quote

‘Let’s head West on the 20, in a car we can’t afford, with a plan we don’t have’

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5 thoughts on “Quick Review : Baby Driver (2017)

    • Hammy Reviews April 7, 2020 / 4:10 pm

      Yeah, very out of character for that particular character. The whole ending seemed rushed and ill-thought out

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  1. Sam Simon April 7, 2020 / 6:25 pm

    Not the best Edgar Wright movie, but still highly entertaining. I agree that ot doesn’t feel as groundbreaking as other movies of his, but I enjoy rewatching it from time to time. Contrarily to Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, it’s a nice addition to the genre but it doesn’t elevate it.

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    • Hammy Reviews April 7, 2020 / 6:28 pm

      I’m just too in love with The Cornetto Trilogy! Very stylish is Baby Driver though, I’ll give it that

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