Quick Review : Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Switch)

You wait over fifteen years for a sequel, then within five years you have two shiny new sequels to that thing you love. That decade gave you plenty of time to replay that game and pick out exactly what made you fall in love with it. The first sequel didn’t capture the magic of the first…and unfortunately, the second sequel, Luigi’s Manion 3, doesn’t quite capture it either. Yes, you explore one location (unlike the five separate mansions of Luigi’s Mansion 2)…but it’s not a Mansion, it’s a hotel. Each level has a different theme, from Ancient Egypt to a film studio, so it offers up something new and unique every few minutes or so, or at least every time you use the elevator to go to a different level. There’s still plenty of ghosts to bust, and these ghosts have plenty of variety and personality as well (unlike those of Luigi’s Mansion 2). Of course, it’s full of that Nintendo charm and fun, and through the roughly 15/20 hours of gameplay, you’ll never once be bored or wishing the game to be over. Also, the ‘Gooigi’ mechanic is utilized to the fullest, making puzzle solving a joy.

luigis mansion 3 dining room
Oh, to be able to recreate THAT dining room scene in Ghostbusters…

However, it lacks that sense of rewarding exploration that the original offered. Once you’ve finished with one level, you rarely need to go back to it (unless you want 100% completion rate)…and that’s what I loved about the original. Backtracking was a necessary delight in the original, as you gained keys to doors that were unlocked the first time you encountered them I love exploring a “huge” mansion. Here, the phrase ‘mansion’ is obsolete. I appreciate Nintendo trying to change the formula again, but sometimes a radical change isn’t needed…

Hammy’s Rating: 3/5

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