Quick Review : The Matrix (1999)

What can be said about ‘The Matrix’ that hasn’t already been said? A sci-fi classic that revolutionized not only the sci-fi genre, but also the action genre as well. ‘The Matrix’ encouraged overt philosophizing in cinema. Talk of ‘What is real?’ and bullet-time action has become so commonplace in films that you’d think ‘The Matrix’ would be superannuated.

the matrix neo trinity

But twenty years later, it still feels as fresh and vibrant as it did back then. From a tight screenplay filled to the brim with foreshadowing to awesome special effects and fight scenes, ‘The Matrix’ is one of the defining films in cinema history. It changed everything. I remember going crazy, wondering what ‘The Matrix was…and I had to wait for the DVD to come out! But it was well worth the wait…

On the surface, it’s a high concept film, garnished with mind-bending action scenes. But you can always go deeper down the rabbit hole…

Hammy’s Rating: 5/5

Memorable Scene

So many to chose from!

Neo v Morpheus?

Subway fight scene?

Desert of the real?

Memorable Quote

So many to choose from!

‘What’s real? How do you define real?’

‘I know kung fu’

‘Guns. Lots of guns.’

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