Quick Review : The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

Everything that has a beginning…has an end, thankfully, in the case of The Matrix trilogy! The second one limped along, full of verbiage about free will (if without much purpose). In the finale, questions are answered with questions (or not at all) and even more questions are raised. ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ is not a terrible film. It’s mediocre, a little more focused than ‘The Matrix Reloaded,’ but still bogged down by the problems inherent in the first sequel. There’s too much focus on characters we don’t care about, and too little focus on those we do care about. Trinity and Morpheus are relegated to side characters, going along for the ride instead of being in the driver seats. Events actually occur here, and there is purpose, but it rarely feels like we should care about what’s happening.

the matrix revolutions persephone
Persephone…for your viewing pleasure

However, I’ll always adore the final fight between Neo and Smith, which, if you think about it, set the template for the destruction in most superhero film finales (see, especially, ‘Man of Steel’). But the whole film still leaves a sour taste in the mouth, reminding you of how great the trilogy could have been…

Hammy’s Rating: 2/5

Memorable Scene

Neo v Smith: FINAL BATTLE!

Memorable Quote

‘Because I choose to’

‘Everything that has a beginning has an end’

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