Quick Review : Super C (NES)

It’s strange, going from a video game sequel to its predecessor, rather than vice versa.  Before purchasing the NES Classic, I always wondered what came between Contra and Contra III (strangely, the NES Classic doesn’t have the original Contra included…). It seems to me like Super C is often forgotten in favour of its precursor and its sequel, but make no mistake about it, Super C was just as exhilarating, thrilling and downright frustrating as Contra III, to no surprise.

super c top down
Man vs tank? In the world of Contra (and Rambo, actually), man wins!

There may be more levels, but I’d guess the straight playthrough would take about the same amount of time as Contra III. But in Super C, there are none of those annoying top-down perspective levels. Instead, there are top-down levels that vertically scroll, giving you something different, but not confusing and dull (like the aforementioned Contra III top-down levels). Of course, I missed the lack of variety in weaponry. Here, the only weapon you need is SPREAD.

Again, it can be an incredibly frustrating experience, but to be fair, I found it a little easier than Contra III. And it’s a game I’m itching to play through again…maybe without the NES Classic save states?

Hammy’s Rating: 4/5

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