Quick Review : Probotector (NES) (The European Version of Contra !!!)

My Contra journey ends at the beginning…with the European version of Contra! Yes, us Europeans didn’t like violence in video games in the 1980s. Instead of two musclebound heroes shooting legions of a foreign army, here we have two robots shooting…other robots! However, that doesn’t detract from the sheer thrill of this game. It’s the shortest of the three, but it’s just as difficult (apart from the disappointing last boss). Yes, it reaches controller-hurling levels of frustration by the second level, and only gets more difficult. I’ve owned it for nearly 30 years, and had never reached Level 4 before. So to actually complete it felt quite the achievement!

probotector first level
I am very, very familiar with the first level…

From a purely nostalgic POV, this is my favourite Contra, the game that caused my brother and I endless pleasure and frustration as kids. But now, finally, I can say I’ve finished it! One day I’ll play through it again…on Hard Mode!

Hammy’s Rating: 4/5

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4 thoughts on “Quick Review : Probotector (NES) (The European Version of Contra !!!)

  1. The Otaku Judge May 2, 2020 / 7:38 am

    Robots are cooler than shirtless men.

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