Quick Review : Rumble In The Bronx (1995)

Jackie Chan burst into Hollywood with this chaotic, action-packed film. Yes, the plot may be flimsy, the dialogue forgettable (especially with the awkward dubbing), and has stereotypes posing as characters, but let’s be honest, you don’t watch Jackie Chan films for any of that. You watch them for his hilarious fight scenes and crazy stunts, of which this film possesses an abundance. You want to see a hoverboat cause chaos in the streets of NY? You want to see Jackie Chan jump on said hoverboat, then jump off it? You wants lots of typical but thrilling trademark Jackie Chan slapstick fight scenes?

rumble in the bronx pool table
A fight on top of a pool table? Why not!!

Well, ‘’Rumble in the Bronx’ has these and more. For sheer action-packed insanity, this is a great introduction to Jackie Chan. It’s no classic, but you’ll replay most of the action scenes in your mind after the credits have rolled.

Hammy’s Rating: 3/5

Memorable Scene

Hovercraft mayhem!

Memorable Quote

‘You don’t need diamonds in the bathroom’

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