Quick Review : The Karate Kid (2010)

When I first read about this remake, I was perplexed. Firstly, why call it ‘The Karate Kid’ when it was based in China? Karate originated from Japan, not China! Not only that, but qhy change the age of the protagonist? Surely, it would make this remake’s version where Miyagi saves Daniel from the bullies uncomfortable? But, upon first watch, I was impressed. The chemistry between Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith was strong, the cinematography was stunning, and the fight scenes were cracking!

the karate kid jackie chan beats up kids
Yeah, you beat up those kids Jackie!!!

Upon re watching, it’s apparent that this is yet another mediocre. Yes, even I can be mistaken at times! Nothing can beat “wax on, wax off,” and “coat on, coat off” is just not good enough. This film is just simply there, held together precariously by the chemistry between Chan and Smith. Yes, the fight scenes are smoother and more elaborate, but that’s a case of style of substance. Who wants a thousand flips when you can have the elegance of the crane kick? Watch the TV series ‘Cobra Kai’ if you want ‘The Karate Kid’ story updated for the 21st century. If not, just watch the original.

Hammy’s Rating: 2/5

Memorable Scene

Jackie Chan saving Jaden from the bullies

Memorable Quote

‘Life can knock us down, but we choose whether to get up or not’

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