Quick Review : Total Recall (1990)

What happens when you put Paul Verhoeven, Arnie and Philip K. Dick into a blender? This delicious sci fi classic! This is an ultraviolent philosophical spectacle (yes, science fiction did pose philosophical questions before ‘The Matrix’ arrived!), where the line between reality and dreams is blurred. Hell, even the reliability of memory is questioned. Verhoeven’s predilection for ultraviolence lubricates the philosophy, as do Arnie’s quips (“Screw you!”). What results is a thrilling ride of a film, where twist is piled upon twist, often in splurges of blood and gore.

total recall arnie as a lady
Ever wanted to see Arnie as a woman? Check out Total Recall!

In the pantheon of Verhoeven films, this ranks only below Robocop. Perhaps an actor other than Arnie could have really dug the depths of Quaid’s existential crisis, but I can’t really imagine the film without Arnie. His talents as an actor are often underrated, and he plays the sometimes crazed Quaid rather well. Of course, it’s not as sophisticated or stylish as that other classic film based on a Dick novel, Blade Runner, but sometimes you need your philosophy delivered by Arnie and ultraviolence!

Hammy’s Rating: 5/5

Memorable Scene

Too many to choose from!

Quaid’s first Rekal “holiday?”

Various eye-poppings on Mars?

Quaid pulling the tracker out of his nose?

Quaid emerging from a women’s prosthesis?

Memorable Quote

‘You are not you…you’re me’


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