10. Edge vs The Undertaker (c) (World Heavyweight Championship, Backlash 2008)

The second match of a lengthy feud between Edge and ‘Taker had a lot to live up to in terms of quality. I remember waiting with baited breath for this rematch after their ‘Mania stunner…and it fell flat. A plodding, almost lifeless repeat of their ‘Mania bout, this struggled to keep my interest the first time around. And upon a re-watch, it failed again to retain my interest. Both competitors were on fire in 2008, near/at their respective career peaks. I appreciate that living up to their previous bout was nigh on impossible (an impossibility that tarnished even ‘Taker’s rematch with HBK at WMXXVI). But I expected so much more…

There’s effort here, no doubt, but no spark or that special something to elevate the match. Just as the bout kicks into fifth gear, with a fantastic five minutes or so (and interference from Edge’s compatriots La Familia stacking the deck against ‘Taker), the bout ends with the finality of their ‘Mania clash. It’s a definitive end that doesn’t signal the end of the rivalry. And, fortunately, the quality of their matches would edge ever closer to that ‘Mania classic.

Hammy’s Rating: *** (out of 5)

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