13. Edge vs The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell, Summerslam 2008)

Yet another underrated entry in an underrated feud? You think HIAC, you think HBK/Taker, Taker/Mankind, HHH/Batista, even Banks/Bayley. But Edge/Taker? Much like their TLC bout the previous month, I think it’s remembered more for the closing high spot rather than anything else (that actually takes place after the match has ended!). However, it’s as gruelling and brutal (but not bloody) as those more famous HIAC bouts, even if it turns into a TLC bout inside the Cell as the match goes on.

After their TLC bout and ‘Taker’s brutal fall off the top of the ladder through a couple of tables at ringside , Edge and Taker’s feud was put on the backburner. ‘Taker disappeared, and Edge feuded with Batista (defeating him), but lost the belt to none other than HHH. ‘Taker returned, Edge fell out with Vickie Guerrero, and she booked a Hell in a Cell bout between Edge and ‘Taker. Edge was on his own, without his La Familia comrades. This Hell in a Cell bout actually headlined Summerslam, without any title on the line (HHH defended his WWE Championship against…the damned Great Khali! Yes, it was incredibly boring).

Interesting to note, but this was the first HIAC to occur in the PG era WWE…so no blood is allowed! Chairshots to the head still were, however, and it’s still hard to see them in our modern times (‘Taker, in partiucular, takes a couple of stiff shots right to the skull, with no hand protection!). Yes, it’s true; the modern HIAC lacks the grit that a bit of claret brought to the table. Blood is meant to spilled in HIAC, the bout to end a feud (well, before it became just another name in the WWE Premium Live Event calender). However, they utilise tables, ladders and chairs to add the the aura of ultraviolence, so that the lack of blood doesn’t matter as much.

And yes, it may turn into a TLC bout inside Hell in a Cell, but they don’t just rinse and repeat their previous TLC clash. The high spots and brutality are knocked up a notch. This feels like a bout to finish a feud. And they finish the bout with an extreme high spot (that occurs after the final bell rings) that does finish the feud. This ticks all the boxes for a Hell in a Cell bout, but I still feel the lack of blood weighs heavy over the bout. And it does sometimes come close to copying their TLC match. However, although not on the level of, say, ‘Taker/HBK or HHH/Batista, this is still a damned fine HIAC bout that I’d rather watch than one from a modern Hell in a Cell PPV…

Hammy’s Rating: **** (out of 5)

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