28. Sabu vs Terry Funk (Barbed Wire Match, ECW Born to be Wired 1997)

Sometimes, you’ve just got to wonder…why? Why do these wrestlers subject themselves to such pain? Mankind being thrown 15 feet off the top of a cell…Mankind being slammed on thumbtacks….Mankind being thrown on barbed wire…Pretty much anytime Mankind was involved in a match, actually! But, of course, there are other wrestlers willing to endure inhuman amounts of pain. And in ECW, two of the most insane wrestlers of all time competed in a Barbed Wire Rope match. The results…hard to watch!

Yes, you read that right: the ring is surrounded by barbed wire, instead of normal ropes. The two wrestlers? Sabu and Terry Funk, the former ‘The Innovator of Violence,’ the latter once told by a doctor he shouldn’t be able to walk without feeling extreme pain. These two were willing to do anything in the ring. And it isn’t long before they start hurling each other into the barbed wire…

Of course, this isn’t a match full of wrestling moves. Sabu jumps off chairs a lot, and there may be a suplex or two, but it’s mostly strikes and utilising the barbed wire to maim the other wrestler. But you don’t want a mat classic in this situation. You just want to see ultraviolence! And that’s what you get. This isn’t rubber tipped barbed wire that was used in the WWE. Even with the poor quality recording, you can see the barbed wire sticking to their attire/skin. Both quickly start bleeding, and the blood never stops pouring.

Towards the end of the bout, Sabu attempts to leap on a prone Funk in the corner. Funk moves out of the way, Sabu leaps into the barbed wire. And there’s an instant look of terror/extreme pain in his face. The guy tore his biceps open on the barbed wire! And what does he do? Quit and walk to the back? No! He simply asks for some tape and wraps the large gash up! One of the most insane displays of the human spirit I’ve ever seen.

So, this is not for the weak of heart. Joey Styles, the commentator, says it’s hard to watch. That’s something of an understatement. By the end of the match, they are entangled with each other in bared wire, and the match basically comes to a halt. Don’t expect much of anything else but a display of insane violence!

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