71. Cody Rhodes vs David Finlay (NJPW)

Yes, my obsession with Cody Rhodes’ Japanese journey continues! It turns out there are plenty of things I didn’t know about modern-day wrestling…like Fit Finlay has a son who wrestles? David Finlay followed in the footsteps of his father, and I happened to come across this short and sweet bout between him and Cody Rhodes. It’s nothing special, just a sub-15 minute bout that passes the time in an enjoyable way!

David Finlay III, or just David Finlay, you can tell was trained by his father. His style, his movements, his in-ring psychology… it’s just like watching his dad! Fit Finlay was a key, underrated player in mid-2000s Smackdown. You were guaranteed something watchable when he fought. The same appears to be true of his son, from this first impression. British Strong Style is alive and well!

And he dominates much of the match, telling a story of being a better wrestler than Cody but not the better performer. Cody looks to be led in this match, rather than bring the leader, and it suits him well. Cody has a few bursts of offence, but most of the short bout hinges on Finlay’s offence. Good job he knows how to keep a crowd focused and entertained then, isn’t it!

This is a perfect match to watch and forget afterwards. Barely stretching over ten minutes, it tells a short and simple story. Finlay, to be honest, looks better than Rhodes here, and I’ll certainly be checking out more of Dave’s matches!

Hammy’s Rating: *** (out of 5)

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