Review: Metroid Dread

            After a nineteen year wait, the sequel to Metroid Fusion has arrived. Metroid 5, or Metroid Dread, arrived on the 8th October. I, like many others, bought it one Day One, the first time I’ve done that for a very, very long time. Super Metroid (or Metroid 3), remains one of my favourite video games. I’ve played every single Metroid game (yes, even the loathed Metroid: The Other M…which I played once and returned). Inside my head (and outside, as Nintendo put on a publicity blitz for the new Metroid arrival), the hype grew and grew, and I couldn’t help but venture to the shop and make my first full-price video game purchase in quite some time. Could it live up to the hype? Could it justify a nineteen year wait? Could it wrap the Metroid story up in a nice little bow? Well, not quite…

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Quick Review : Us (2019)

How do you top a directorial debut like ‘Get Out.’ Not exactly like this…what starts out as a straight horror film becomes complicated and packed to the brim with mostly unresolved issues. That’s not to say I didn’t like the film. In fact I loved it…until the third act exposition dump that made everything preceding it nonsensical. After that, I felt deflated and nonplussed. I didn’t care for the ending. In terms of acting, dialogue (bar the exposition dump), cinematography and directing, ‘Us’ is a triumph. If not for the third act, I’d be rating it much higher.

us family
US…or U.S?!?!

I’m not sure if it’s an overly ambitious idea that fails to narratively  and thematically gel together, or if’s it’s just a really daft idea that doesn’t make sense…or perhaps both?Still, it’s an impressive sophomore effort that pales in comparison to Jordan Peele’s debut. Yet it’s more ambitious and packed with crazy ideas that put most other horror films to shame.

Hammy’s Rating: 3/5

MEMORABLE SCENE: Good vibrations!

MEMORABLE QUOTE(s): ‘Who are you people?’

Quick Review : Children of Men (2006)

Children of Men is one of the best films of the 21st century. And no one can tell me otherwise! Alfonso Cuaron assumes a general intelligence in the viewer, thus much of the plot/world is shown in the background, hiding just beneath the surface. More often than not, the foreground is merely a distraction. There’s no opening scroll to tell us that by 2027, humanity is infertile. We only need to be told a few things, here and there. Children of Men is a masterclass in cinema in all areas. The direction and cinematography make the viewing as bleak and unforgiving as the world we are watching. The nerve-shredding tracking shots will have you biting your fingernails off. It’s themes (or looks) haven’t aged badly in the slightest.

children of men tracking shot

In fact, in this age of Trump and Brexit, this is a prescient look at our future. Although 2027 looks bleak and unforgiving (and most of the English people depicted are scumbags!), there’s always hopes. In the midst of desolation, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. One of the best films of modern times.

Hammy’s Rating: 5/5

MEMORABLE SCENE: The last tracking shot

MEMORABLE QUOTE(s): ‘I can’t really remember when I last had any hope and I certainly can’t remember when anyone else did either’

‘Everything is a mythical, cosmic battle between faith and chance’

Quick Review : Game of Death (1978)

This is an insult to the legacy of Bruce Lee. It has nothing to do with Lee’s original concept for ‘Game of Death,’ save for the butchered 11 minutes of Lee’s original footage. The plot of this garbage: martial arts actor Billy Lo (NOT played by Bruce Lee, just 2 other actors in shades!) is shot, so he fakes his death and seeks to wreak vengeance on those who conspired to kill him. It’s basically the plot of ‘The Crow’ and features a scene the prefigures how Brandon Lee died. To disguise the fact that Lee had nothing to do with this film (as he was dead), the editors splice footage from Lee’s other films into the film (and, at one point, laughably use a CUTOUT of Lee’s face on a mirror!) and actually uses footage from Lee’s REAL funeral (despicable, no?).

game of death mirror
Yes, this is a real scene from the film! 

It’s an absolute travesty of a film. Save from a silly but entertaining motorbike action sequence and the butchered 11 minutes footage of Lee’s original footage, there’s nothing to salvage this garbage. Simply watch the re-edited version of Lee’s original footage instead.

Hammy’s Rating: 1/5

MEMORABLE SCENE: Perhaps the motorbike scene…?


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Quick Review : Enter The Dragon (1973)

Can any of Bruce Lee’s films be considered great? Although I’m a big Bruce Lee fan, I’d say no. They are carried by the fight scenes alone. ‘Enter The Dragon’ is no exception, but at least it’s a decent film outside of the fight scenes. The increase in production values helps as well. This was Lee’s first (and last) major role in a Hollywood film. The plot is a B-level Bond story, but involving a Shaolin Monk (Lee, as, well Lee!) instead of James Bond and a martial arts tournament. It moves along at a swift pace, and has a toe-tapping soundtrack. Of course, whenever Lee’s fists and feet start flying, the excitement reaches heavenly levels. The film starts with a taster: Lee v a young Sammo Hung (and also an insight into Lee’s philosophy: “Don’t think, FEEL!”). But the most ferocious and entertaining fight scene in Lee vs goons in the cave, where he utilizes nunchuks and a bo as well as his limbs to fend of a horde of attackers.

enter the dragon too busy
(About death) When it comes…I’ll be too busy lookin good!

The film may well be remembered for the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ fight scene that concludes the film, but apart from looking fantastic, it’s a subdued affair (due to the big bad guy being Shih Ken, around 60 years old at the time). Still, Lee’s finest film, one that you can watch the whole way through without wanting to skip to the fight scenes!

Hammy’s Rating: 4/5

MEMORABLE SCENE: Hall of Mirrors!

MEMORABLE QUOTE: “Boards don’t hit back!”

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Quick Review : Fist of Fury (1972)

Lo Wei and the cast of ‘The Big Boss’ improve and fix some of the flaws of their first film with ‘Fist of Fury.’ Sure, the melodrama and implausible plot turns are still there, but on the whol the story is more engaging and the acting more solid, than in ‘The Big Boss.’ Also, Lee as Chen Zhen kicks ass within 15 minutes of the film starting! There’s little build-up, but it’s ample enough (a Chinese man slapping and provoking Chen). But that first fight scene…what a scene. Perhaps one of cinema’s best fight scenes. Chen takes out an entire school of karate students in an extended and superbly choreographed fight scene. We are then made to wait and wade through Chen disguising himself several times before another superb fight scene, which is deflated by a dull conclusion. However, that final shot of Chen jumping towards the police (and the screen) with a flying kick in PHENOMENAL

Don’t upset Bruce Lee!!!

Of course, Lee is the star here, looking even more impressive and fluid than in ‘The Big Boss.’ His acting seems less stiff as well. In terms of fight scenes, ‘Fist of Fury’ contains perhaps the purest and best fight scenes of Lee’s career. I could take or leave the story and characters, but the fight scenes…oh, the fight scenes!

Hammy’s Rating: 3/5

Memorable Scene: Chen taking out an entire school of karate students!

Memorable Quote: ‘Eat. This time you’re eating paper. Next time it’s going to be glass.’

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Quick Review : Way of the Dragon (1972)

I’ve watched this film plenty of times, but its only on this viewing that I realized Bruce Lee directed and wrote it as well as starring in it! That hasn’t changed how I feel about the film. The story and characters are as superfluous and flimsy as the cardboard Colosseum backgrounds at the end of the film. The first half hour is taken up by shots of Rome’s tourist attractions and awkward humour involving Bruce Lee’s Tang Lung drinking soup and needing the toilet.way of the dragon bruce v chuck

Lee makes us wait for his first fight scene…and, as always, it’s another cracking fight scene! We get not one nunchaku, but two nunchakus! Even in contemporary Rome, there’s as excuse for the mafia not to use guns. The film also strains itself to place great importance on Lee’s character. However, this film is all about one fight: Lee v Chuck Norris! It’s one of cinema’s great one-on-one fight scenes, a gladiatorial bout set in the Colosseum. It shows Lee was unparalleled in filming and choreographing fight scenes. A perfect fight scene…and one of the only reasons to watch this film!



MEMORABLE QUOTE: ‘If I ever see him here again…HE WON’T LEAVE ALIVE!’

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Quick Review : The Big Boss (1971)

This is a rough, ready showcase for Bruce Lee. Being his first martial arts film, we are left waiting (and waiting) for Bruce, as Cheng Chao-an to start kicking ass. He can’t kiss ass (in the storyline) due to a vague promise he made to his mum about non-violence. Lee is the shining star amongst a sea of melodrama, over-acting, awkward editing and a meandering storyline (perhaps the poor editing is a result of the many cuts the film has received over the years). This would have been forgotten in the sands of time had it not been for Bruce Lee. He captures the viewer’s attention immediately and even though his acting sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, his fight scenes push ‘The Big Boss’ into a higher realm. It’s worth the long wait to see Cheng Chao-an break his promise and finally start kicking some ass.

the big boss promise
You have offended my fam…oh no, wrong Bruce Lee film!

And boy, does he kick ass in a unique, beautiful, breath-taking way. Unfortunately, some of these fight scenes are marred by moments of silliness (i.e. Cheng Chao-an punching a man through a wall, leaving a man-shaped hole in the wall) and plenty of gravity-defying leaps. There are also plenty of unintentionally hilarious moments.
But you watch Bruce Lee films for the fight scenes, don’t you? And Bruce provides some of his most underrated fight scenes in his first martial arts film.

Hammy’s Rating: 2/5

MEMORABLE SCENES: When Cheng Chao-an breaks his promise to his mother and fights!


MEMORABLE QUOTE: ‘Beat it or I will kill you right now’

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WM35 : ‘Taker. Cena. Rematch Due.



Last year, The Undertaker faced off against Vince McMahon’s new guy, Roman Reigns. This match was supposed to be the passing of a torch from ‘Taker to Reigns… at least in Vince’s eyes. Despite the rejection and disapproval of fans about Reigns, ‘Taker suffered his second lose at WrestleMania against Reigns.

Seeing Undertaker return for WrestleMania season still gives me goosebumps. I have been a fan of ‘Taker since the early 2000’s. In fact, I got into wrestling when I saw the likes of The Undertaker. As a child, he used to scare me and I’m sure I’m not the only one that he used to frighten. Anyways, the point is, ‘Taker returning for WrestleMania 34 was nothing short of excitement for old school fans like myself. However, there was a feeling that this may be The Undertaker’s last match ever.

WWE.comThe Undertaker is one of the most terrifying…

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Battlestar Galactica: Oh, Battlestar, Oh Battlestar, Wherefore Art Thou Battlestar Galactica?

I’ve been thinking of Battlestar Galactica  and thought I’d write a broad review of it as a whole (without spoiling anything for anybody!). Now, I’ve heard it said that Battlestar is merely “sci fi rubbish.” You couldn’t be more wrong. There’s nothing wrong with science fiction if it’s adequately executed. It’s a genre that can easily explore novel ideas and philosophical concepts without being too overbearing, pretentious, or downright boring. One movie that springs to mind is Total Recall. It turns the philosophical problem of identity into a two hour thrill ride, with over-the-top violence and great dialogue. It’s a perfect layman’s introduction to the problem of identity. Battlestar Galactica is a cornucopia of philsophical ideas, as well as televisual excellence. Continue reading