Review: Agents of SHIELD, Season 2 Episode 13: One of Us (I’d rather be alone…)

Fight on...fight off...
Fight on…fight off…


“It’s a different SHIELD now”

Unfortunately, I watched ‘One of Us’ after watching the first episode of ‘Daredevil.’ The latter showed us an almost perfect Comic Book TV episode. The former, well…let’s say it wasn’t perfect. In fact, it was far from perfect…Even disregarding ‘Daredevil’, last week’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’ was a darn good showing, and this one failed to keep up the quality.

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Review: Agents of SHIELD: Season 2, Episode 12: Who You Really Are (Do You Want To Find Out?!?!?)

agents of shield(SPOILERS AHEAD)

“Training is not a group activity”

Well, last week’s episode ‘Aftershocks’ was a bit of a dud. Nothing really happened of much substance. It represented the worst of Agents of SHIELD; those episodes that are merely padding, and not much more. However, maybe we needed a dull episode to break us into the second half of Season 2. And ‘Who You Really Are’ everything ‘Aftershocks’ wasn’t: gripping, entertaining and moving along at a rapid pace. Also, the added benefit of guest star Sif really boosted proceedings.
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