‘Wonder Woman’ hit the cinemas this past weekend. Most people seem to love it (I have yet to see it…). ‘Wonder Woman’ may be the first female-led superhero film for some time (can we even count ‘Electra’ or ‘Catwoman’?). And it got me to thinking about women in film. More specifically, female led films. What are my favourite female led films? We deserve more female led films, of course. The gender bias is still clear and present in Hollywood (especially in the area of directors). But, more often than not, when females lead the way, there are some great films to behold. And here are my Top 10 Female Led Films…

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My Top Ten Films of 2016 (Released In The UK!)

top 10It’s that time of the year where film bloggers blog about their Top 10 Films of the Year. I’m a film blogger (a lazy one at that!), so I like to jump on the bandwagon! So here are my Top 10 Films of the Year (released in the UK, remember!) Continue reading

Review: Arrival (2016) (Deserves The Hype?)


“Memory’s a strange thing”

I watched ‘Arrival’ last Friday, but it’s taken me over a week to process my feelings about it. I’ve been waiting for ‘Arrival’ for a long time. With films like ‘Prisoners’ and ‘Enemy,’ Denis Villeneuve became one of my favourite modern directors (‘Sicario’ was a rare misfire for him in my eyes; click here for my review). His foray into science fiction had me biting at the champ. The rave reviews made me bite harder and probably left me a little deflated when the credits rolled after the film. However, that’s not to say ‘Arrival’ isn’t a great film. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen this year. It’s not without flaws, but it is a must see movie. Continue reading