Quick Review : True Lies (1994)

So much for Arnie being the last action hero! While that film set out to parody the action genre, ‘True Lies’ manages to top Arnie’s previous film in terms of ridiculous (yet riotously entertaining) action scenes). How about having Arnie ride a horse whilst chasing a terrorist riding a motorbike? How about having Arnie flying a Harrier jet to rescue his daughter? Including an inherent absurdity in the action scenes enables ‘Last Action Hero’ to parody action films without being an explicit parody. Continue reading

Review: Predator 2 (1990) (An Unworthy Sequel?)

predator-2“Hey, kid. Welcome to the war”

After watching the original ‘Predator,’ (click here for my review) I thought it prudent to watch the sequel, ‘Predator 2’. I had pretty terrible memories of it, having watched it a long time ago. I decided to reappraise ‘Predator 2’, which I’ve dismissed for so many years. Surprisingly, my opinion changed during my second watch! It isn’t a great film by any stretch of the imagination, but it is undeniably entertaining in a ridiculous way. Let me tell you why…  Continue reading