Quick Review : Fist of Fury (1972)

Lo Wei and the cast of ‘The Big Boss’ improve and fix some of the flaws of their first film with ‘Fist of Fury.’ Sure, the melodrama and implausible plot turns are still there, but on the whol the story is more engaging and the acting more solid, than in ‘The Big Boss.’ Also, Lee as Chen Zhen kicks ass within 15 minutes of the film starting! There’s little build-up, but it’s ample enough (a Chinese man slapping and provoking Chen). But that first fight scene…what a scene. Perhaps one of cinema’s best fight scenes. Chen takes out an entire school of karate students in an extended and superbly choreographed fight scene. We are then made to wait and wade through Chen disguising himself several times before another superb fight scene, which is deflated by a dull conclusion. However, that final shot of Chen jumping towards the police (and the screen) with a flying kick in PHENOMENAL

Don’t upset Bruce Lee!!!

Of course, Lee is the star here, looking even more impressive and fluid than in ‘The Big Boss.’ His acting seems less stiff as well. In terms of fight scenes, ‘Fist of Fury’ contains perhaps the purest and best fight scenes of Lee’s career. I could take or leave the story and characters, but the fight scenes…oh, the fight scenes!

Hammy’s Rating: 3/5

Memorable Scene: Chen taking out an entire school of karate students!

Memorable Quote: ‘Eat. This time you’re eating paper. Next time it’s going to be glass.’

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