Quick Review : eXistenZ (1999)

eXistenZ, capital X, capital Z! This is, in a way, a spiritual successor to Cronenberg’s own ‘Videodrome.’ However, here the medium of video games is used to explore our relationship with technology instead of TV. In eXistenZ, video games/virtual reality are so realistic that it’s impossible to tell the difference between reality and virtual reality. Continue reading

Review: Thor: The Dark World (2013) (The Worst MCU Film?)

“We are not gods. We are born. We live. We die” 

Is there any point in writing this review? We all agree that Thor: The Dark World is the worst MCU film, don’t we? Come on, it’s either that or The Incredible Hulk (or Avengers: Age of Ultron). Even the most mediocre MCU films offer some form of entertainment. The sequel to Thor fails to provide a modicum of entertainment. This, along with Terminator: Genysis, is proof that Alan Taylor should stick to TV directing (although I have a soft spot for Genisys…don’t judge me!). I adore the first Thor, and this sequel only serves to dampen my love. Along with Iron Man 2, it dampened my enthusiasm for any MCU sequels (until The Winter Soldier came along!). Continue reading


Before the latest series of Doctor Who started, I put together a Top 10 List of Best Modern Doctor Who episodes (click here to view). After watching ‘Extremis,’ I thought about a Top 10 List of Worst Modern Doctor Who episodes! In the interests of fairness, of course. Just like the previous list, there’s plenty of choice. Doctor Who can veer from having an incredible episode one week to an absolute stinker the next week. It’s TV series that has few boundaries. It can go anywhere in time and space. It should be delivering great episodes each week. But it doesn’t. And here are the worst offenders….

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Saturday nights are now a night to stay in, because Doctor Who is back on our screens! Yes, Peter Capaldi is a great iteration of The Doctor, but he’s been served by some poor stories. Steven Moffat writes himself into a corner more often than not. He is mesmerised by his own Whovian lore. However, there are still some episodes that can rank as great television. Since Doctor Who was revived in 2005, there have been more than a few cracking episodes. Here are my Top 10 Modern Doctor Who episodes…(I will cheat for some of them by clumping together a two parter…)

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