Review: Doctor Who, Series 5, Episode 9: Cold Blood (Reptilian Dysfunction?)

doctor who 5


So we were left at the end of ‘The Hungry Earth’ with Amy about to be dissected, and the realisation that there was a massive Silurian civilisation underground. A quite impressive cliffhanger and very different to the usual cliffhanger as well. Okay, there sometimes it did seem like an episode of Torchwood (as this episode did at time!), but it was still an overall decent episode. Of course, the proof of a two-parter is in the second part; they have to be equally good. ‘Cold Blood’ delivered the goods, in a pretty good episode! And what we got was an old-style Doctor Who, full of chasing, running, and ‘diplomacy.’ And the end, oh the end…but we will get to that. Continue reading