Review: Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 6, ‘Condemned’ ( Great? Guilty as Charged!)

daredevil netflix(SPOILERS AHEAD)

“I don’t really go to the movies” 

‘Condemned’ continued Daredevil’s streak of brilliance. Although it mainly took place in one location, the pace and plot never took a turn for the worse. Murdock and Fisk spoke for the first time, outlining their differences (and similarities). Claire actually did some hospital work in the aftermath of the explosions that rocked Hell’s Kitchen. She even paused to give Murdock advice on how to keep Vladimir alive. At the end of the episode, Vladimir has his moment in the sun. Foggy and Karen are relegated to onlookers, watching a TV to see what’s happening. Their part is the only bit that falls flat, but everything else works perfectly. Fisk is dominating the chess game between him and Murdock…  Continue reading