144. Danny Kroffat & Doug Furnas (c) vs. Kenta Kobashi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (All-Asia Tag Team Championship, AJPW Super Power Series 1992 25.05.1992)

I’ve always thought the Japanese wrestling crowds were subdued. Polite clapping maybe some light cheering…but nowhere near as racuous as the Western crowds. Of course, my main point of reference is NJPW, and there have been some exceptions: the reactions to some Tanahashi/Okada and Okada/Omega matches were immense. However, although I’ve only seen a few AJPW matches, the small crowds have been rabid for each one. But the crowd witnessing Kenta Kobashi and Tsiyoshi Kikuchi vs Danny Kroffat and Doug Furnas is one of the hottest crowds I’ve ever heard, in any promotion. Kikuchi being a hometown boy may have hyped the crowd up, but whatever motivated them, this crowd could have blown the roof off.

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