Review: Kick-Ass (2010) (Rated-R for Revolutionary?)

kick ass

“Come on, be honest with yourself. At some point in our lives we all wanna be a superhero”

In light of the release of ‘Deadpool,’ I thought I’d go back to one of the original “subversive” Rated-R comic book films, ‘Kick-Ass.’ I remember seeing the initial trailers. They promised a satirical and humorous take on the comic book film, and possibly even reinvigorate it. To be fair, it is a pretty decent, pretty humorous, but right from the start it tells a lie. The main character, Kick-Ass, or as he’s known to his fellow schoolmates, Dave Lizewski (in a Spider-Man-esque voiceover), immediately tells us this isn’t the average comic book film, and he isn’t the average comic book hero. But this voice-over is the Richard Nixon of voice-overs.
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