Review: Coco (2017) (Another Pixar Masterpiece?)


“Sometimes, I think I’m cursed”

Well, I was not prepared for that! Pixar’s latest animated film, Coco, proved to be an emotional rollercoaster for me. I’ve not cried that much during a film for a very, very long time. And it wasn’t just a few tears…towards the end it was a full-on flood! My fiancée didn’t even shed a tear! Maybe it proves my theory of the male period…but that’s a tale for another time. It probably means that I can’t review it objectively, but I’ll try my best. For now, Coco stands out as a top-tier Pixar film. And that’s saying something, isn’t it? Continue reading


Last week, I posted my list of Top 10 Overrated Films. In the interests of fairness, I’ve been thinking about underrated films. You know, those ones that pass under the radar, aren’t seen at the cinemas/have a limited release, and are quietly forgotten about…but are in fact awesome! Or those that were released to middling/negative reviews but I actually enjoyed. I had an absolutely massive list of underrated films, but it’s difficult to decide what’s underrated, isn’t it? But it was rather difficult to narrow them down to just ten. But here it is…my Top 10 Underrated Films! Continue reading

Review: Day of the Dead (1985) (Zombie-licious?)

day of the dead 1985 1

“Is anyone there?”

George A. Romero’s conclusion to his ‘Dead’ trilogy, Day of the Dead, is thirty years old this year, so I thought what better way to celebrate than to watch it, and review it!!! After the first two aforementioned classic films of the trilogy (and of the zombie genre), how does the film to wrap up the trilogy hold up? Does it pale in comparison, or does it contribute its fair share to Romero’s zombie movie CV? Continue reading