Review: The Boy (2016) (Wouldn’t Frighten A Doll!)

the boy

“It’s like something out of a storybook, isn’t it?”

When a movie includes a line like that at the beginning, you know something’s wrong. Near the beginning of ‘The Boy,’ Greta Evans (played by ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Lauren Cohan) exclaims this line about the old, large house she is about to spend a few weeks in. It elicited a few giggles from the audience at the cinema. Let’s get this out of the way with first: ‘The Boy’ is the least scariest horror I’ve seen since the remake of ‘Poltergeist.’ Doing a horror/thriller about a possessed doll is a tough thing to do, but this film manages to get almost everything wrong. However, there was at least a little enjoyment in pointing out all of its flaws… Continue reading