Review: The X Files: Season 10, Episode 2: ‘Founders Mutation’ (The X Files Meets The X-Men?!?!?)

the x files


“I haven’t known pleasure for quite some time”

I wasn’t in the least bit excited for the second episode of the revived ‘The X Files.’ The opening episode was lacklustre and cluttered. It gave itself too much to do, reintroducing ‘The X Files’ to old and new fans alike and setting up a whole new mythology. ‘Founders Mutation,’ however, felt much more like a proper episode of ‘The X-Files.’ There were references to both the new mythology and the mythology of the past, but for the most part they didn’t bog things down. It was a straight-forward X Files mystery, involving Scully performing an autopsy and Mulder spouting exposition in his deadpan fashion. It was not without its faults, but for the most part, it was a decent episode.

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Review: South Park, Season 19, Episode 2: ‘Where My Country Gone’ (They Took Our Jobs: Part II!)

south park


“Did someone over here say illegal immigrants?”

Well, this is definitely the South Park we know and love! Last week’s ‘Stunning and Brave’ felt as if it was labouring the same point, over and over again. Yes, South Park may have tackled immigration before, in the ‘They Took Our Jobs!’ episode, but due to the rants of Donald Trump, it was a welcome return to the controversial issue. Also, for us Europeans, the issue is in the headlines almost every day. The refugee crisis certainly boosted the appeal of ‘Where My Country Gone?’ for me! Of course, the episode lost it’s way a little towards the end of the episode, but for the majority of it, ‘Where My Country Gone?’ was a great slice of South Park. Continue reading

Review: Humans, Series 1, Episode 2 (Robot Whores?)


“He’s the Mona Lisa, he’s penicllin, he’s the atom bomb”

Episode 2 of Humans continues the slow build of episode 1, adding bits and pieces to the overall storylines. We delve deeper into the murky underworld of the synths, with synth Niska’s brothel life becoming even more disturbing and Leo’s venture into a murky underground synth assembly/torture chamber of sorts. Anita, in the face of Laura’s hostility, becomes more likeable, even with a sinister edge. George’s bittersweet life descends into comedy with the arrival of an NHS synth, Vera. While still not grabbing us by the lapels and screaming “BET YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE,” Humans does just enough to become satisfying Sunday night television. Continue reading