I’ve covered my Top 10 Gamecube Games and my Top 10 SNES Games. One blogger, JacobsOnCinema (click here to view his site!), commented that I skipped the N64. I hadn’t intentionally skipped it (I also omitted the NES, but that’s because I don’t feel I’ve played enough games for it, and I was so young that I couldn’t see quality in a video game!) I posted about Gamecube games because it had been fifteen years since the Gamecube was released in Europe. I posted about SNES games because the SNES Classic had been announced. However, I guess I don’t need any reason to write about the Nintendo 64. It remains to this day my favourite video games console. It came out when I was entering my teens, and many, many hours of my teenage years were spent playing on the N64. From the perfect controller, to the vast library of great games, the N64 blew my slowly maturing mind. So here are my Top 10 N64 Games!

My favourite console, and my favourite controller!

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