Humans, Series 1, Episode 8 Finale


“How did you find us?”

So, here we are, the finale of Humans, Series 1! While it didn’t end with a whimper, it didn’t end with a bang, either. It was a perfectly satisfactory ending to the series, but never quite rose to the occasion. There were rarely moments of pure tension, even when the story demanded it. Everything moved a little too quickly for a series that has been founded on a slow build up. Characters turned up at the most convenient times. The back drop of the protest against synths was just that; a back drop that was never fully explored to its potential, and was forgotten about in the closing moments of the episode. However, in a sense, it bound the themes of the series together. It had some great moments, but the whole was lesser than the sum of its parts. Continue reading

Review: Humans, Series 1, Episode 7 (Family Fortunes?)



“It’s not safe out there”

What a penultimate episode of Humans, Series 1, we witnessed! It encapsulated everything a penultimate episode should do: answer some questions, pose some more questions, and leave us with baited breath waiting for the finale. Although it only furthered the themes of the series as a whole, rather than adding more themes to the mix, the episode still developed and twisted the themes in diverting directions. A few minor niggles aside, Episode 7 continued the overall high quality of Humans. Continue reading

Review: Humans, Series 1, Episode 6 (Sex and the Synths)

humans“Humans and machine; the lines are blurring”

After Episode’s 5 slower paced dose of Humans, Episode 6 puts the pedal to the metal (well, as fast as a show like Humans can go!) and delivers entertainment and food for thought in generous doses. The definition of ‘family’ was explored and deconstructed throughout the episode. Not one, but two sexual encounters between humans and synths added more depth to Joe’s ‘infidelity’ with Anita. And the ending left us close to tears and on the edge of our seats at the same time!
Continue reading

Review: Humans, Season 1, Episode 4 (Do Androids Dream Of Drowning?!?)


“Was he human?”

With Episode 4, Humans became must-watch TV. And I don’t say that lightly! Revelations and plot developments came thick and fast, with a most unexpected twist at the episode’s end. If the line between humans and synths was fuzzy before, it’s all but smashed now. Niska appears like a normal human being with the aid of contact lenses. Laura takes interest in a case of synth/human rights violations. The emotion of fear not only runs through our humans, but also our synths as well, apparently. But is it merely a simulation, or a real feeling?!?!? Continue reading

Review: Humans, Season 1, Episode 3 (Robot Supernanny!)


“Why don’t you share?”

Humans is slowly becoming must-watch TV. It isn’t quite there yet, but there’s the impression that the slow build of the first two episodes is starting to pay off. Laura’s fear of being replaced by Anita became a reality. And, as Anita became a parent-figure, the personhood of another synth, Niska, was denied. Her murder of the client was treated like an accident in in a factory; the result of human error, not a conscious synth decision. And the difference between humans and synths is getting ever more obscure and abstract… Continue reading

Review: Humans, Series 1, Episode 2 (Robot Whores?)


“He’s the Mona Lisa, he’s penicllin, he’s the atom bomb”

Episode 2 of Humans continues the slow build of episode 1, adding bits and pieces to the overall storylines. We delve deeper into the murky underworld of the synths, with synth Niska’s brothel life becoming even more disturbing and Leo’s venture into a murky underground synth assembly/torture chamber of sorts. Anita, in the face of Laura’s hostility, becomes more likeable, even with a sinister edge. George’s bittersweet life descends into comedy with the arrival of an NHS synth, Vera. While still not grabbing us by the lapels and screaming “BET YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE,” Humans does just enough to become satisfying Sunday night television. Continue reading

Review: Humans, Series 1, Episode 1 (Aye, Robot)


“This is the best thing that you will do for your family”

At first I thought all of my dreams had been answered when I saw an advert about ‘synths’ on Channel 4. A robot that can do the house chores? Bingo! However, it all turned out to be a con…and so we have Channel 4’s Humans. The show lands at just the right moment. Stephen Hawking has warned us about the unrelenting advance of A.I., a new Terminator film is hitting our screens, and there’s a hotel in Japan fully staffed by robots. Is Humans a glimpse into our future? Better yet, is Humans a worthwhile glimpse into our future? The first episode introduced almost too many plot lines and characters to reconcile over eight episodes. But the themes it brought up, while some were less subtle than others, will strike a chord with the masses. What about the unrelenting progress of A.I.? What about the impact on humans? What about jobs? The first episode of Humans managed to encase these BIG QUESTIONS in an enthralling drama that sometimes got caught up in the common problem of today’s TV: too much going on! Continue reading