My Top Ten Films of 2016 (Released In The UK!)

top 10It’s that time of the year where film bloggers blog about their Top 10 Films of the Year. I’m a film blogger (a lazy one at that!), so I like to jump on the bandwagon! So here are my Top 10 Films of the Year (released in the UK, remember!) Continue reading

Review: I, Daniel Blake (2016) (Iain Duncan Smith’s Favourite Film?)


“Can you walk more than fifty metres?”

Not only did I see my first Woody Allen movie this year (‘Café Society’), but this week I saw my first ever Ken Loach film. And what a film to break my Loach virginity. ‘I, Daniel Blake’ should be essential viewing for every English citizen. It’s the story of a man (the eponymous 59 year old) who struggles through the modern day English benefits system after suffering from a heart attack. His doctor says that he isn’t fit to work, but the government (or, rather, a government-appointed company) deem him fit to work. What follows is a stomach-churning and depressing look at what happens to those struggling in modern day England. ‘Benefits Street’ may give some people lurid entertainment, but ‘I, Daniel Blake’ shows us the plight of the truly needy in Britain who are left out in the cold (usually, literally). Men and women are stripped of their humanity, and I felt empty and distraught after watching Loach’s latest political rage against the machine. Continue reading