Review: Dark Star (1974) (Carpenter’s Supernova!)

Someday this tape will be played and then they’ll feel sorry.

I’ve been having something of a John Carpenter binge lately, watching both Assault on Precinct 13 and The Fog (both of which I’ve never watched before!) I decided to take a look at Carpenter’s first film, Dark Star. Oddly, I was introduced to Dark Star during my first year of philosophy at university. The lecturer used to show us clips of science fiction films to explain certain philosophical concepts. He showed us the conclusion of Dark Star, where a man and a sentient bomb are talking about the meaning of life. It was only years later that I watched the whole film. While a rough piece of work, it’s still a great science fiction comedy. Continue reading


Review: They Live (1988) (Obey…Consume…Watch This Film!)

they live

“There’s nothing available for you right now”

To (belatedly) honour the passing of the great wrestling talent Rowdy Roddy Piper, I rewatched his main and best starring role: They Live. Is there a better example of 80s cult/sci-fi/B-Movie than this film by John Carpenter? Yes, it may be rough around the edges. The script may not be up to scratch. To be honest, it’s a little bit trashy at times. But as a satire on capitalism and a throwback to the B-Movies of the 1950s, it’s almost unparalleled in its time. Carpenter meant for it to be a critique of Reaganomics, and as we are still living in the society that Reagan/Thatcher created, the satire and the themes are still relevant today.
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