3. Kevin Owens vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (No Holds Barred, WrestleMania 38 Saturday)

WrestleMania 38 Saturday (yes, that’s what it is called on the WWE Network!) saw the in-ring return of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yes, after being retired for 19 years, Austin returned to ostensibly be a guest of the KO Show. On the show itself (which main evented WrestleMania 38 Saturday), Owens challenged Austin to a No Holds Barred match. And, without any hesitation, Austin accepted! Could his post-retirement ‘final fight’ live up to his classic brawls of the past? Or would he tarnish his legacy after two decades outside of the ring?

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My Top 10 WWE Matches of 2016 (Including NXT and the CWC)

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I’ve done my Top 10 Film of 2016, so it would be remiss of me not to do my Top 10 WWE Matches of 2016 (and by that I include all of WWE programming, from WWE to NXT to CWC)! Let me preface this by saying I rarely watch Raw or Smackdown, so I may have missed some stunning TV matches (I don’t have/want to pay for Sky, and don’t have enough time for three hours of Raw and two hours of Smackdown!). So my experience is limited to PPV/Special matches and other things available on the WWE Network (yes, I know that Raw and Smackdown are available on the WWE Network, but like I said before, I don’t have enough time for them!). Continue reading