Review: Let Me In (2010) (I’d Rather Let The Right One In!)

let me in

“Are you a vampire?”

I am sincerely against American remakes of foreign horror films. First they poached Japanese horror films (The Ring, The Grudge etc), now they’ve moved a little closer to home. ‘Let Me In’ is a remake of the 2008 Swedish horror film Let The Right One In (apointless name change!), and as always, something has been lost in translation. In general, American horror remakes tend to explain too much, show too much, and fail to capture the atmosphere of the original. And ‘Let Me In’ makes all of those mistakes, and a few more. I wholly agree with the director of ‘Let The Right One In’ when he said that “If one should remake a film, it’s because the original is bad. And I don’t think mine is.” And he’s correct! Continue reading