Before the latest series of Doctor Who started, I put together a Top 10 List of Best Modern Doctor Who episodes (click here to view). After watching ‘Extremis,’ I thought about a Top 10 List of Worst Modern Doctor Who episodes! In the interests of fairness, of course. Just like the previous list, there’s plenty of choice. Doctor Who can veer from having an incredible episode one week to an absolute stinker the next week. It’s TV series that has few boundaries. It can go anywhere in time and space. It should be delivering great episodes each week. But it doesn’t. And here are the worst offenders….

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Saturday nights are now a night to stay in, because Doctor Who is back on our screens! Yes, Peter Capaldi is a great iteration of The Doctor, but he’s been served by some poor stories. Steven Moffat writes himself into a corner more often than not. He is mesmerised by his own Whovian lore. However, there are still some episodes that can rank as great television. Since Doctor Who was revived in 2005, there have been more than a few cracking episodes. Here are my Top 10 Modern Doctor Who episodes…(I will cheat for some of them by clumping together a two parter…)

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Doctor Who, Series 5, Episode 1: The Eleventh Hour (The Perfect Eleven?)

doctor who 5


“There’s a crack in my wall”

Is there anything better than the beginning of a new series of Doctor Who? No. And to celebrate the beginning of Series 9, I went back to the start of Steven Moffat’s run as head writer of Doctor Who. He came at a time when Doctor Who had seen better days. The specials over 2009 were terrible, and The End of Time…I can’t describe how much I abhorred the end of the Tenth Doctor. But that’s a rant for a different blog. Moffat was responsible for some of the best episodes of Nu-Who. And, armed with a new Doctor in the form of Matt Smith, there was a lot of hype and excitement for ‘The Eleventh Hour.’ Could Moffat revive The Doctor is terms of quality? Well, he couldn’t go any lower than ‘The End Of Time…’ could he? Continue reading