Metroid Dread : A Fitting End To The Metroid Saga?


I’ve already reviewed Metroid Dread¸ but during that review I attempted to stay away from spoilers. But after ruminating on the game for a week or so after finishing it, I feel I have to talk about Metroid Dread with spoilers aplenty. Metroid Dread is supposed to wrap up the story that began with the original Metroid on the NES, 36 years ago. And its 19 years since the last game in that particular story. The pre-release hype not only centred around the EMMIs, but it centred around the game being the end of the Metroid storyline. So you can’t really talk about Metroid Dread without discussing its story. And you also need to examine whether or not it is s fitting end to the Metroid saga.

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Review: Metroid Dread

            After a nineteen year wait, the sequel to Metroid Fusion has arrived. Metroid 5, or Metroid Dread, arrived on the 8th October. I, like many others, bought it one Day One, the first time I’ve done that for a very, very long time. Super Metroid (or Metroid 3), remains one of my favourite video games. I’ve played every single Metroid game (yes, even the loathed Metroid: The Other M…which I played once and returned). Inside my head (and outside, as Nintendo put on a publicity blitz for the new Metroid arrival), the hype grew and grew, and I couldn’t help but venture to the shop and make my first full-price video game purchase in quite some time. Could it live up to the hype? Could it justify a nineteen year wait? Could it wrap the Metroid story up in a nice little bow? Well, not quite…

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