Video Game Review: Metroid: The Other M (M For Mediocre?)

Why am I still here?

Samus Aran, how I’ve spent many a joyous moment with you, from struggling to control you on the NES to using the Wiimote to control your aim. I’ve always loved the Metroid series, more often than not of exceptional. However, Metroid: The Other M passed me by until I saw it for cheap a few weeks ago! And, after locking myself in with the game for a week (and playing Breath of the Wild in beteen!), I’m ready for fresh air, and a little reflection on the title. Let me tell you all about Metroid: The Other M…. Continue reading



The GameCube celebrated its fifteen anniversary last year. However, it was released on May 3rd 2002 over here in Europe, so technically it’s fifteen years old this year as well. I was an unabashed Nintendo fan back in the day. I had all of their consoles (well, apart from the Virtual Console). They could do no wrong in my eyes. When the Gamecube was announced, I wasn’t too fussed on the name, but that didn’t matter. It was a new console from Nintendo! I remember playing Luigi’s Mansion for the first time. Who needed Mario when you had his brother being a Ghostbuster? Luigi’s Mansion was the tip of the iceberg when it came to great games for the Gamecube. And here are my Top 10 Games for the Gamecube!

The Gamecube was lost in the shuffle, but had plenty of great games!

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