Review: The Defenders, Season 1 (Does Team Work Make The Dream Work?)


Last week, The Defenders landed on Netflix. After a few years of build-up, the Marvel Netflix Universe delivered the team of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Expectations had been tempered by the lacklustre Iron Fist, but I was still excited by seeing our superheroes unite against a common enemy. That’s the whole point of the individual series: to create anticipation for the superheroes uniting. After binge-watching it over the weekend, I was left disappointed. Apart from seeing our superheroes interact and a few noteworthy fight sequences, there isn’t much to recommend about The Defenders at all. Continue reading

Review: Sense8, Season 1, Episode 3: “Smart Money is on the Skinny Bitch” (Odds On Favourite?)


“I wish I was a zebra”

‘Smart Money is on the Skinny Bitch’ built on the framework of episode 2 by delving into the histories of the ‘fringe’ characters of Sense8, such as the so-far under-utilised Sun and Van Dam. The plot developments are still little more than overtures to explore the eight Sensates, rather than progressing the over-arching storyline. However, when we are given an episode like “Smart Money is on the Skinny Bitch,” it’s hard to pick flaws in the overall direction of Sens8. It builds up to a superb finale that crystallises the connection between our Sensates, that delights and thrills in equal measures. Continue reading

Review: Sense8, Season 1, Episode 2: ‘I Am Also A We’ (We’re All In This Together!)



“It’s not hacking if you get paid for it”

Episode 2 of Sense8, “I Am Also A We,” would have done little to win over people who were not impressed with the slow pace of the first episode. Indeed, these first two episodes are more about developing the characters than explaining virtually anything about what is happening to them. However, those with patience will appreciate the care and brilliance of the editing, bringing our eight ‘sensates’ together in more ways than one. It’s novelistic approach to storytelling will surely reap big rewards in the future, but there’s more than enough to appreciate in “I Am Also A We.”
Continue reading

Review: Sense8, Season 1, Episode 1: Limbic Resonance (Mind-Bending!)


“I see them”

The latest Netflix Original Series is Sense8, a TV series developed and devised by the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski. The concept sold the show to me immediately. Eight people from around the world being connected? Coloured me tickled pink! A science-fiction TV series that spans the globe? Colour me tickled pink again! After watching the first episode, ‘Limbic Resonance,’ I can say two things about it: I’m intrigued, very intrigued…but I’m not sure whether or not my intrigue will be rewarded… Continue reading

Review: Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 9: ‘Speak of the Devil’ (And A Great Episode Will Appear!)

daredevil netflix(SPOILERS AHEAD)

“Do you believe in the devil, father?”

‘Speak of the Devil’ handles the age-old question of whether it’s morally right to kill an evil man. The side-question is, of course, should a super-hero kill a super-villain? Should Daredevil kill Fisk? It’s a theme well-explored in comic books. But here, the question is given a religious slant. What does the Catholic priest advice? Although well-worn territory, ‘Speak of the Devil’ manages to hand the theme fresh clothing. Murdock also ends up fighting a ninja, which can only be a good thing, in another gripping episode of Daredevil.  Continue reading

Review: Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 8: Shadows in the Glass (The Quality Is Crystal Clear!)

daredevil netflix(SPOILERS AHEAD)

“Put your mind to it and make it happen”

The first episode depicted the event that caused Murdock’s superpowers, and ‘Stick’ showed us how Murdock became a fighter. ‘Shadows in the Glass’ is Fisk’s origin story. We see the childhood event that defined him as much as being doused in chemicals defined young Murdock. Like ‘Stick’, plot developments were in the background here. It was more about developing the character of Fisk. Dialogue packed rather than action packed, ‘Shadows in the Glass’ still had plenty on offer.  Continue reading

Review: Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 7: Stick (My Eyes Were Glued To The Screen!)

daredevil netflix(SPOILERS AHEAD)

“Each man must stand for himself or fall with the unworthy” 

‘Stick’ took a breather after the events of ‘Condemned,’ allowing us a greater look at Matt Murdock’s past. His old (in both all senses of the word) mentor, Stick, arrived to ask Murdock for help. A powerful weapon, Black Sky, was being moved into Hell’s Kitchen, under the aegis of Nobu (with the help of Wilson Fisk). Black Sky is the MacGuffin to reveal more of Murdock’s past, and open up (again) the question of what Murdock will have to do to conquer Fisk. Karen and Urich’s story continued with the help of Foggy. In a sense, the plot did slow down, but there was still plenty on offer here in the form of character development. We got a greater insight into why Murdock does what he does… Continue reading

Review: Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 6, ‘Condemned’ ( Great? Guilty as Charged!)

daredevil netflix(SPOILERS AHEAD)

“I don’t really go to the movies” 

‘Condemned’ continued Daredevil’s streak of brilliance. Although it mainly took place in one location, the pace and plot never took a turn for the worse. Murdock and Fisk spoke for the first time, outlining their differences (and similarities). Claire actually did some hospital work in the aftermath of the explosions that rocked Hell’s Kitchen. She even paused to give Murdock advice on how to keep Vladimir alive. At the end of the episode, Vladimir has his moment in the sun. Foggy and Karen are relegated to onlookers, watching a TV to see what’s happening. Their part is the only bit that falls flat, but everything else works perfectly. Fisk is dominating the chess game between him and Murdock…  Continue reading

Review: Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 5: World On Fire (My Pleasure Centre Is Alight!)

daredevil netflix(SPOILERS AHEAD)

“Copper in the air”

‘In The Blood’ was the introduction to Wilson Fisk. ‘World on Fire’ shows the two worlds of Fisk and Matt Murdock colliding. It’s been made clear that they both want to make Hell’s Kitchen a better place, but both have different ideas about the definition of a ‘better place.’ Fisk let’s other people do his dirty work for him; Murdock has no choice but to dirty his own hands. ‘World On Fire’ shows their differences in the starkest of manners. Fisk attempts to get rid of Murdock by using the Russians, and in doing so also eliminating the Russians…Fisk is moving five steps ahead of everybody else in his game of chess, played over the city of Hell’s Kitchen.  Continue reading

Review: Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 4: ‘In The Blood’ (Enter the Fisk!)

daredevil netflix


“We don’t say his name” 

I always say that a superhero needs an equal and opposing supervillain. It’s something most films in the Marvel Universe lack. However, with ‘In The Blood,’ Daredevil gives us a great supervillain. We saw Wilson Fisk in the last moments of ‘Rabbit in a Snowstorm,’ but here, we see him in all his glory. ‘In The Blood’ is Fisk’s story, and another gripping episode of Daredevil. That’s not to say Matt Murdock isn’t in the spotlight, but (akin to The Dark Knight) it is the villain you will be talking about after watching the episode, not the hero. And that makes it all the better! Continue reading